How To Create The Winning Lottery Ticket

I recently discovered that my name is worth £47,917. That’s nice- I was thinking of selling it too. Yes, depending on your name, someone has researched the average annual earnings of people by what they are called and then put it into a totally meaningless chart. So if you have nothing better to do, why not…

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Here’s What I Saw in The Future

Things are stranger by the minute – well this week I am going a bit deep. It’s perfectly normal for me to think like this so every now and then I let you know what I am really thinking or where my conscience is travelling (most of the time). I think the world is mad…

Angus Kennedy ON

When Dreams Come into Fashion

It’s been a good week. I didn’t lose any money! Especially after our Easter Holiday fraud last month. I did manage, however to tell 20 million people about it as I launched my own campaign to help families in trouble. Which was great as the Kennedy family, along with our new German friends in Majorca and…

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Majorca Part 2 – See What Happens Next !

After my last Friday Light you just would not believe what has happened. I’ll tell the story again (sorry to those who read this but shall write differently this time) However I have a lot of new readers after my trip to Nigeria! Over Easter my family booked a Majorca villa break for a week in the…

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Unbelievable Majorca Holiday Scam- This Actually Happened to us!

All set for Easter! We boarded the Easyjet flight for Palma, Majorca and after at least a week of packing and unpacking his bag, our 7 year old is finally packed and we board the plane from Gatwick with great excitement for our Easter break. We couldn’t wait, the villa booking agency had even booked…

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Yes – This Really Did Happen To Me! Could this be my funniest blogs?

  Time to Pop a Confession! Yes it’s actually true I left my bag on a train and only realised it on arrival at the Swiss Hotel reception. Yes it’s also true that our pet sausage dog (aptly named poppy for this post!) accidentally got stoned out of her tiny little and astoundingly-ineffective-anyway-little-brain. And yes…

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It’s Easy To Get Rich – Read What’s Happening to Me!

Normally when you don’t receive a Friday Light (my blog) for a while it’s because I am up to something and now is a great example! Man I have been busy– not a second lost. The minute I board the train, the book is open (by the way I am reading ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ at present.…

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Extreme Weather – and Extreme News – no co-incidence

Yes, ok that’s probably a cloud that I snapped above the Sun on the way back from Cologne last week; incidentally with a car full of candies and chocolate by the way! The lasered Californian forest fires, record flooding in the Middle East, increasing-at-an-alarming-rate-volcano eruptions, unprecedented off-the-scale hurricanes, the destruction of entire islands (Barbuda) and…

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How to Feel The Good

As you read this mail I will be driving across France and Belgium in my old faithful 100,000-mile-plus Toyota Land Cruiser on my way to an exhibition called iSM in Cologne, Germany for the 38th year. Yes, I’ve been going to the same confectionery show since the age of 16 and here I am, going…

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Why Your News Years Resolutions Probably Won’t Work!

As the New Year passes the last of many of our (failed at again) resolutions unceremoniously seep of the window – the resolutions we thought would set us free. And we wished everyone a happy new year, as we always do, with a distant faith that it might be as happy one. There was once…

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