Face Up To A Crazy Kinda Lovin’


… and here’s a way to say it with a crazy kind of love this Valentines.

You might be thinking has Angus Kennedy’s gone mad? Yes he has! Because come on, we are stuck together and there is not enough lovin’ and too much moaning, blaming and complaining; so this weekend – yeah let’s change it!

The Kennedy’s have developed the ultimate gift for lovin’ for your partner for Valentines this weekend that we can get to you just in time.

So need something for Valentines? Fear not. We have something that I know your partner could not possibly have or ever had! We created the ultimate evening luxury chocolate product. A combination of Avant guard writing, Swiss chocolate, spiced rum, fresh cream and the relaxation power of CBD.

So if you are anything like me and have nothing for your partner for Valentines yet, that’s cool, becaase the oddly faced chocolate cupid is here to rescue you! A box of Angus’ luxury CBD fresh cream chocs could be on the way.

OK, I’m not offering the guarantee of a successful night of romps, passion and intimacy. But hey, I have 5 kids and chocolate is a key ingredient. CBD helps you cope when you had the kids or not had the romps.

So come on… love it up. It’s my sons’ venture too, so show some faith in the Kennedy family’s wild creative spirit.

We reduced the price to from £49.00 to £29.99 plus overnight post per box for friends and family just this weekend. There is no way you will get 1000 mg of CBD anywhere else for that price.

Thank You and God Bless All for lovin’ the weekend up.

Click here to order – goes straight to the shopping page and use the discount code ‘ANGUS’ and the price drops specially for you. All sent overnight today and tomorrow so will get there in time – so you order now. Europe too.

Here’s to Lovin’ it – what ever you do.


PS: CBD is legal. does not get you high and extracted from the hemp plant- it’s a natural relaxant and claims huge health benefits.

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