June 21st 2020 – The world is set to end- Perhaps that’s already happened!

Of course, the world isn’t going to end this Sunday on June 21st (as predicted) but there is something, I believe, in all of this. Will the world end? Perhaps in some ways it already has.

The Mayan Calendar which began in 3114BC, apparently reached its end on December 21, 2012; the world did not end then. But something called the Gregorian calendar, was introduced in 1582 and its introduction changed the amount of days in a given year so that actually, 11 days were lost each year from the Mayan Calendar. What that means, is that the Mayan date of Dec 21st, 2012, as some scientist have now calculated, is actually 21st June 2020; this Sunday!

In addition, a solar eclipse will take place this Sunday day where we will see the Sun, Moon and Earth align, creating a ‘ring of fire’ effect on the same day. It is the first time since 2001 that the solstice coincides with a solar eclipse and will not happen again until 2039. Coincidence perhaps and yeah big deal.

But interesting to see that the date the Mayans predicted the world to end is now also a summer solstice and eclipse.

But before you open your best vintage wines and guzzle them all in your last hours and live like there is no tomorrow (actually we should do this every day anyway). I believe all this is a good thing not a bad one.

By the way it’s not a huge event; the sky won’t go dark – it will last a few seconds and most people may be too pre-occupied with Facebook or catching up on their next mind dumbing episode of Netflix.

However, the fact is that for centuries people have been obsessed with the end of the world. Amazon movies are packed full of apocalyptic Science Fiction movies where the Earth ends. It’s all a little curious. What we are referring to may not be not the end of the world, but could this finally be the end of the idiots of the world and the beginning of awareness. I truly hope so! That’s been a painful wait. The end of what in the world anyway?

I remember reading that every 300,000 years there was an in-breath and an out-breath of God. Call it God, the Universe, time parallels, whatever. But I do believe that the old way we used to think has ended. I don’t think the human race is that gullible anymore, we are not the yes men and women we used to be. Times are set to change radically now.

Could the Earth be helping us? Could this ‘end’ be a little more subtle than giant meteorites colliding with our planet? Based on the magnetic fingerprints locked into ancient rocks, we know that over the last 20 million years, magnetic north and south have flipped roughly every 300,000 years. So, could we simply be going through another pole shift right now? I mean the glaciers melted thousands of years ago and sea levels rose without it us being blamed for global warming on the news.

The human race has come and gone in many formats and entire cities and continents are now under the sea. Our planet is alive- she is a living being, could it be that after 300,000 years her influence will now bring about change and effect our consciousness through magnetic and planetary forces? (As long as you are allowed to avoid the vaccine that is).

So it’s good news, we are led to believe that is all so bad and it’s a world of doom and gloom. Of course we are; much easier to control a man that is unhappy, ill, broke and scared.

But come on, we have been lied to for so long now that for those in power to tell the truth would be the end of the world; for them! The end of the world is the beginning of the exposure of the truth. Many truths of which are now coming to light as sure as the Sun, the Earth and Moon will align on Sunday to remind us, we are of the planets.

Sunday spells the end of acceptance of the lies and the beginning of Justice.

I really look forward to writing my next Friday Light when I predict I will be very much and even more so alive. Raising like us all, our human consciousness which when is triggered on Sunday; spells the beginning of the most powerful unstoppable force in the Universe. Our collective love of life and rising consciousness.


Angus Kennedy

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