Ask for $1m and Believe You Can Receive It!

I have been advocating for some time that it’s all about, ‘it’s better to want what you have than to have what you want.’ But oddly, if one always does this, then we just end up with only having it and having to like it! Which could end up being a bad deal. Perhaps there is an element of employing the having what you really do want motto. Perhaps we are not bold enough in stepping forward and shouting from the bedsit windows and screaming it out loud… Go on don’t hold back, I’m not.


– or whatever it might be, say; freedom, peace, or no more crap about Coronovirus, after they (unsuccessfully) tried to brainwash us to become mindless followers over Brexit.

Anyway, there are more important matters to hand in the Kennedy’s household. Is our sausage dog (pictured) pregnant! This is what the world needs to know because I can tell you what. At £800 quid a pup, this is big news for the Kennedy’s.

And I can tell you that Poppy’s boyfriend (an impossibly willing stud) worked hard at it. I won’t go into details, but it was actually quite disgusting. Her boyfriend called Reggie was so small he had to be held by his mum, (a hugely enthusiastic breeder) while in action, as he wriggled and pumped. All while my 8 year old son looked on and said, “dad it stinks”.

But let me say that again- £800 for a single puppy and our little misguided pet, for once; yes, she could earn her keep in my household and make up for all that endless defecation under our piano (her favourite spot) ‘to go” when it’s raining outside. I hate really that dog! But wait,


… if she is pregnant at 7 pups that’s £5600.

I could really LOVE THAT DOG!!

And yes, I have been thinking, ‘ask and shout for what you do want. As what else can you do when you don’t get it? So, I have been asking for an unexpected windfall from the Universe. So, the test is tomorrow and if she is pregnant at 7 pups, I’m straight down the pet shop to buy the most and best executive dog basket ever!

Money can come from the most unexpected places. The unexpected comes from the most expected. You have to expect the unexpected. Just like 7 puppies out the blue and discovering how much they are worth. Bring it on, turn your back on the non sense and live your life and reach for dreams.

So that’s me for the weekend, we go to see if our pet is a new line of business, if she is, bingo … it’s a family trip down the local curry house to celebrate!

Have a fun weekend and dont read the news – its not worth it.

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