The Incredible Life of Angus Kennedy!

Feb. 7th 2020 – Well it’s a bold title for a Friday Light, but I do believe that my life at present warrants such a headline. You see, next week I leave for Colombia and onto Guayaquil, Ecuador as now (are you sitting down)? I have been invited by the Vice President of Ecuador to fly with him personally in a privately commissioned aircraft while we discuss the cocoa industry as we fly over the Andes.

Yes, you did actually hear that correctly. I will be joining the Vice President to interview him personally and I will be his special guest as we fly over one of the highest mountain ranges in the word to a secret location in the Amazon jungle.

We will go to to see the claimed birthplace of chocolate, which I will make a full report on, a truly amazing interview and story!

And by the way, we could not travel by military helicopter, as they don’t fly high enough. Now that’s not all, they are then taking us (I mean my whole Kennedy family and yours truly) to the Galapagos Islands all paid for, to a hotel in St Cristobal on one of the Islands. The whole Kennedy family is indeed, the special guests of the Government of Ecuador.

Man that’s cool.

And off we set for a two-week mega tour of the Amazon and the county’s cocoa history to report on the huge potential of cocoa in this diverse and amazing country. I shall be travelling to unknown remote locations in the Amazon jungle with the Vice President himself. Now that’s somewhat unusual right?

Since the Government were unable to find us a farm, (as we had to turn our last one down!) they have agreed to help source a new place– so the hunt goes on and the adventure continues! Where it ends, no one knows. But I can say that I am living every bit of my life that is truly coming alive with events and major unpredictable opportunities for me personally, my family and my business.

And all this started from a crazy idea, a dream and acting on whims and wishes. Most people tend to stay on the couch and say, ‘oh that’s impossible’ or ‘I can’t change things.’ But the whole of Kennedy’s, my magazine and I are now in a position to save the Amazon rainforest.

Yes! A massive and wild project for the readers of Kennedy’s, and the chocolate the industry to join me and Friday Lighters in a crusade to save the rainforests. And already I have a Vice President and many very senior CEO’s on my side to actually do something.

Literally- a complete adventure awaits us next week and this opens up a whole new chapter for me and my business to establish ourselves with a firm footing to widen our reach to the whole South American chocolate industry and huge market.

People say to me ‘how did all this happen’? And I can tell you that it’s quite simple. Allow, decide, accept, and surrender to the Universe. Oh and then get off the couch and actually do something! Think big, don’t give up, but imagine for once that what you thought the impossible to be possible- take the leap and fly.

I ask myself ‘who else is going to campaign to buy the Amazon for the people to stop it being auctioned to the Chinese for oil?’ Kennedy’s are on a roll and with my magazine, you my friends, and others in amazing places of influence.

Could this finally be the time to save our planet? I can tell you now that we don’t have much time left. This has been a long time coming and now our planet is waking up to her neglect. Furthermore, I am going to see some remotest areas of untouched rainforest, places so remote no one has ever seen them before.

That’s wild and there I will make a connection with the planet to unite her with Humanity together, to save mother Earth.

Crazy right, but why not? Why not think big and go for it?

The weather patterns are on destruction mode and I can say I am doing something good at last. I can say I can see the future. So what are you doing that’s going to make a difference and help others? No matter how small. I think I will definitely take a trademark bottle of Champagne (cooled) with me on the private jet to drink with the Vice President as we fly over the Andes with all my family!

My life is blossoming into amazing adventures of the incomprehensible and unpredictable. My followers are multiplying rapidly, business is flourishing and all I did was make a pledge to do something good, very good actually, and now I’m allowing the Universe to do the rest.

You ride the waves and enjoy the journey and go forward without fear. Allow the Universe to paint your true colours, become one with her; receive the abundance that you so truly deserve.

By the way the birthday of my late mother 11 Feb , who died many, many years ago, is on the actual day we arrive in Ecuador. An arrival with a growing media frenzy at the airport! They all say that the deceased are of major influence and help us; so…..


So here’s to taking your life beyond what you ever imagined possible whilst never letting anyone hold you back because all you need is you. And with your heart set as your compass, you will indeed change the world.

Yours with faith and without fear…



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