How To Look 10 Years Younger – by doing nothing at all!

It’s now four days since I have eaten, and I mean anything at all. The last meal I consumed was on Monday evening this week and not even an apple, a biscuit crumb or Teacake has passed my lips. No coffee, teas or fruit juices either. Yes I have been drinking just water with no food for 96 hours – and a 4-day diet of nothing but water (with no fluoride).

Nuts right?

Now you could be excused for saying, “Angus has lost his mind’ – and of course you are right. But have I lost it, or did I decide to shelve my mind for a bit? The real Angus, the idiot, that used to listen to the constant nagging of the mind, finally might have taken control. I decided I do not want to poison Angus’ body just for once in his entire life.

Here’s a few things that could have been potentially lurking in my blood stream if I had carried on eating: Aspartame, Fluoride, Anti-Biotics from meat, sugars, Caffeine, Sodium Nitrates, Preservatives, Mercury, processed palm oils, HFCS Corn syrups, Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Sodium Nitrites used for meat preservatives, alcohol, MSG. Well that’s just some of them.

Before I continue…. I have a lot of friends in the food industry and they are all amazing conscientious people and making some very pure, clean products and this is purely personal research. And we all love our confections every now and then!

But I feel the food industry and governments have created a need to eatand a fear of having no food. We have been fooled into thinking we need to eat so much and so many times a day. You see if we did not eat every now and then, then we would not be very good customers and it would spell disaster for the food industry.

What’s more, I see only marketing messages about what I should or should not eat. Never do I see the message that says, ‘it’s OK not to eat anything at all for a while’. Fasting is one of the most ancient practices known to man. The word lunch from the Northern English word ‘luncheon’ is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘nunchin’ meaning ‘noon drink’. So we never used to eat lunch anyway! Just a drink at noon.

I am hungry, of course and right now, and I break the fast tonight, but I FEEL AMAZING with loads of mental energy. Your author today is a man that is experiencing something quite unique and in a state very few of us ever reach.

And my mind says to me, ‘Jesus man how the hell did you do that? I was telling you to eat all the time, like I usually do (when you don’t need to) and you took control Angus.’

So this is just as much a test of the mind to help you discover the power we all have to control it. Hmm what else I can I do if I succeeded to overcome the need to eat. What other misguided messages can I also discard?

But people say to me you will collapse etc and have no energy and it’s dangerous. Listen up. It’s a 100 times more dangerous to over eat.

But this week I did 100 flights on the Step machine in the gym (20 min intense workout), on Tuesday, a 4-hour cycle ride, Thursday was heavy day at work with no relapse in energy WHATSOVER! Last night no dinner (again) and decorating the house till the early hours.

I have a pineal gland that is also potentially coming back to life too after so much calcification. My bones are not being robbed of their calcium to make up with the fact I have consumed so much acid from daily consumption of teas, coffees and wines; a hidden reason, I believe for Osteoporosis.

When I started this fast I had a headache and sore throat. Both went in 24 hours, fasting boosts your immunity. Those that know me often say how do you look 45 when I am a lot older? Here’s how, as my body fasts it consumes the ageing cells, the cancer cells and all the unwanted debris in my body. My skin is clearing on my face and people say I look good.

Scientific research led by Dr. Ming-Hui Zou — the director of the Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine at Georgia State University, Atlanta — showed that fasting, produces a molecule that delays vascular aging. He said, “we found [that beta-hydroxybutyrate] can delay vascular aging. That’s actually providing a chemical link between calorie restriction and fasting and the anti-aging effect.”

I stop my fast tonight with the knowledge that I have taken back control. My mind cannot tell me what I don’t want or need. Arbitrary things like: healthy foods that are so not healthy, bottled water, a lousy job because I’m scared I can’t get another, passing exams, agreeing to be robbed (like paying a parking fine), waking up at 7 am and saying it’s OK, switching on the iphone that you think you control, giving over 40% of my earnings to the government or being told I need a new car, a bigger house, the latest handbag, more fashionable clothes and new make-up when you have perfectly good make-up anyway. And that ultimately is why I fasted, and I will to live a long time to tell the tale!

Wanna look ten years younger – stop eating yourself to death. Wanna be a billion times happier? Re-program your mind!’

I made a silly video about it too See my Facebook video to find out how to look young here!

In the mean time I remain, Yours, Fast and Totally Curious
Your Trusted Nut Case – Angus

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