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Friday 13th – how could I resist a Friday Light! It’s been the best day ever so far, (13 is as you know my lucky number too). Today I won a nice bottle of fizz in my office from their charity event for being the fastest on the steady hand buzzer game (thank you Capital Space) and hey; the Euro Millions is £143 million tonight too! That could keep me going for a wee while. So I definitely bought a ticket. So let’s all get lucky man and set sail for the heavens that we truly deserve.

Anyway many of you will remember my Majorca holiday scam story at Easter this year. Basically we booked our family holiday through a fake website and lost all our money (as I wrote in a previous Friday Light). No one could close the scam holiday website down either, not for years, not even the police and government agencies. So the Kennedy’s turned up at the door of a beautiful villa in Majorca thinking it was our holiday villa, only to find out the lovely owner was just as surprised as we were that we were going to have a holiday in his house!

Obviously the villa was not a holiday villa at all when we turned up late at night and we, like many thousands of poor families had lost thousands of pounds and our precious holiday was over. I was appalled that criminals pray on families and their children and decided that I HAD to do something.

How dare deranged criminals steal children’s holidays as they arrive in airports in tears as they realise they have no holiday villa at all. There are limits – limits of what is human – there is such a thing as a non-human, the battle has begun for which I enter with great gusto.

International criminal gangs void of any remorse or feeling set up these fake scam sites and we fell for it. Anyway it happened to Angus Kennedy this time! I vowed to do something. Vows are immensely powerful things to do – yes I made a vow that I would stop it and remain positive no matter what – on the night that Notre Dame was burning. So I started my own PR campaign with no money but a pure intention to take the web-sites down (people said to me – good luck etc). But I had to stop kids in tears arriving at airports with fluffy rabbits in their hands realising they had no holiday. It’s a…


Crazy right. But I started a campaign while in Majorca on a mission. No easy feat. I called a local media – The Majorca Daily Bulletin and the story went viral in hours, thousands of views in no time of my home-made video. Journalists were amazing- we all got together. Then my phone didn’t stop, ITV This Morning Program. IB3 TV in Majorca, The Mirror, The Madrid Metropolitan, The Sun*, USA Today, The BBC 9 O’clock news, The Olive Press, Kent online and many more powerful journalists and press houses; basically it went all over the world.  The press was also appalled – we all knew something had to be done, but properly this time.

Yes the campaign took off with the simple vow on a good intention. Within months, tens of millions of people read about our story, (just look it up). Millions of people, it was amazing, politicians were being questioned at last. I felt better, people were becoming aware of the dangers of holiday scams and contacting me direct. I had stopped thousands and thousands of people from being robbed.

*My home-made video went to the front page of The Sun online. I couldn’t believe it. See this link

In my business people pay PR companies to contact me to feed news to sell products. Nothing wrong with that. But I wanted to see what would happen when a single man campaigns with no money to do a good thing, does goodness have traction? Could I achieve what many had failed to do. The press are still good people, correction they are amazing people. And I know all of them all over the world now! They did this not me.

I discovered this week that the fake web sites that were up for years – that we were scammed by, were finally closed down see here

Result – Sure they will try again and launch again but my story went world-wide and I made it a lot harder for scammers to make so much money.

There were and will be a lot less tears shed around the world now. And that should be the mission of every human on this planet. What’s left of us anyway (another story).

I’m off to get a lottery ticket as my tide is turning, I stayed on this boat (pictured) with friends this year and made a vow to buy one like that! I deresve it! Sure I had a rough year in 2019 but now I am writing a new book and it could just cause the break-through I have been looking for, all my life.

You can achieve the impossible, you can change things that are wrong. One person really can change everything. Henry Ford said, I love this one: ‘if you do what you have always done – you get what you always got!’

So come on! Go out there NOW and stop a few tears. I promise it will make you smile for the rest of your life.

Yours Trult – Angus –  as I openly declare war on non-humanism – you know who you are and you won’t win!

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