My Predictions for 2020

Here we go, 2020 another massive year of change – and not just for me, but there are going to be a lot of eye-opening events this year that we never imagined possible. In my personal life too!

Our planet continues to burn- July was the hottest month on record (in 140 years since we started recording it all); and that was for the whole planet. Arctic ice is 20% below what it should be now with its hottest July ever and millions of trees are burning as I write in Australia and sadly, as we all know, being cut down or blown over. Even in Maidstone where I live NO ONE EVER replaces a fallen tree. That gets to me! Why not?

Hurricane Barry ranked an all-time state record for the most rainfall in Arkansas. In the meantime New Zealand’s White Island Volcano blew and flooding has been astonishing right across the globe in 2019. (By the way; pictured my local town Maidstone, last month in flood- I have never seen so much relentless rain here in Kent too).

And yet we worry about Brexit, or whether we can receive our Amazon returns in time for a refund or other events designed to get us off their rails. Like another staged war for example to make more cash to rebuild broken countries that should never have been bombed; looming as we speak too.

I can safely say this, but I predicted the weather patterns to happen in previous Friday Lights; years ago actually. We can all do this prediction thing. There is no magic to it, it’s nothing special. I wrote a book 20 years ago projecting myself into my future (now), and it’s all coming true. No one has ever seen it. I have decided it will be published when all the events have come true. Actually that’s not that far away now.

All realities exist all the time. Everything is happening now, that’s just the way it is. So once you have that one in the bag (most never will), then you can see that it’s relatively straight forward to tune into another reality that’s happening right now. Like the future and past that’s all taking place in a single ongoing moment.

There is no magic or supernatural power and of course people are time travelling to us from the future. We have been brainwashed not to be open minded- our original human education has been conveniently withdrawn, only replaced with lies that we have been spoon fed on for centuries like willing miserably caged Foie Gras Ducks.

Yes conned with the nonsense mind fodder; we actually believe that we need watches, banks and to be controlled in general. But they say I am mad (it’s a complement), but they say that only to allow themselves to imagine they are sane, so be it.

So what’s coming? Well – we are all waking up alright. There will be many more riots in the streets, more animosity and great unrest, and the planet is at it too. There is also a huge Earthquake coming, that’s why they make all those films about them 5 years before they happen, to prime you for it.

What’s good!? Well I think this is good. When things get worse, we have to make choices, we can’t just sit here and allow our planet to be raped by corporations. We have a choice to buy and not to buy stuff, it’s that simple. I am now not eating meat, I haven’t bought a new car, I have what I need. And soon I really might be living in harmony with the planet. That’s definitely another story!

But if you all grabbed a defenceless Duck’s neck and force fed it, you would never eat Foie Gras again. If we all did that then that industry is over. It’s quite easy to be good. We hold he power.

As John Lennon sung ‘Power to the People’, but… oops, he got shot.

Take your life back and stand for what you believe in. Here’s to getting back on the rails for humanity to score a goal, just for once – this is coming in 2020. I can’t wait.

This is going to be an amazing year of eye-opening and total destruction, a year of required education, ascension and great opportunity and losses.

Hang in there- we need 2020, and a great day is coming (for me anyway) simply as I refuse to work on a day with such divine numbers so I created my own holiday for it. I’ll be in a great place on this day.


Love that number sequence. Marks the beginning

Cheers and byeeeee – your 100% deranged, totally misguided fantasist and conveniently dedicated madman for a better life


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