Merry Christmas and a Happy Blue year!

And what a fairytale year it’s been here for your Author; meetings with Government Ministers of Ecuador, holiday scams on Islands, TV sensations, the gifting of 100 acre estates of Amazon jungle to me, and never a moment wasted. Not a single evening have I hardly spent this year being absorbed by something that does not fit in with the (at-last-perhaps-faintly-possible) life goals!

I am now ½ way through one of the best books to date that I have written, it has a number of titles but it’s something on the lines of, The Book to Change your Life, or Out Of The Blue. You see, that’s exactly what is happening. I am living my life by accepting, expecting and acting upon what comes to me from ‘ the Blue’. But I have developed such a self-help program in my new book that it is actually getting me to achieve and experience things that I never thought possible.

Actually I never was able to think of what I could achieve. If you had said to me Angus, you are going to have a major feature in The Mail On Sunday 22nd December and you will be invited to the President’s Palace to visit the Vice President of Ecuador, I would have said ‘yeah right mate’. And my Great Granny was the Queen Victoria.

But this is what can happen when you move your conscience into a different version of yourself that exists; now. I am only conscious of the version of the life that I am experiencing now; the one that could be better. If all things exist, all the time, including all my experiences and time doesn’t exist (which of course it doesn’t), then all the lives that I can have are there for the grabs!

So it’s quite simple really. We just have to become more conscious of the better version. But we have better things to talk about and to occupy ourselves with, like what we have to buy people when we don’t have the cash and yes, I actually heard people worrying over what colour Xmas wrapping paper they would have this year and whether the tree will last if its moved 6 inches nearer to the radiator and other seemingly life or death matters.

But what I believe I am about to become really might prove that life is all about becoming conscious of our ability to shift our awareness and focus on a better and much more fun version of ourselves. And it’s all done in the mind, initially anyway.

Well a deep Friday Light for Xmas but it’s not the things we plan is it? They tend to fail don’t they. So look out for the opportunity that lies in between what we plan. Yes expect it to happen, we are so focused on the end destination of the journey we step over the nuggets of gold under our feet. Take a look around!

So here’s to allowing yourself to have a great Xmas and new year!
Yours Consciously.


PS IMPORTANT! Friday Light costs me £2000 a year to produce and (a reason why you don’t see it every week. Did you know Friday light goes back over 20 years and there is over 300,000 words of it and now 10,000 readers? Enough for several novels! I was wondering if you might just let me know if you would like to have a Friday Light App. With all previous Friday Lights going back decades and not to have this via email. It would only be £1.99 a month. But to me, that is so much better than costing me £100!

Please keep your eyes peeled for a survey (will make it as short as poss!) Thanks and I will set this up for next year. I can also post all my inspirational videos, that get scattered all over the place (in one place at last!)

Let me know and with that in mind have a lovely Out Of The Blue Xmas.

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