What Exactly Is Happening to the Planet?

Ok so the hottest temperature in the UK (EVER RECORDED) happened last month, plus the hottest temperature ever recorded in Belgium, The Netherlands, Paris and Germany; all happened last month- EVER since we started recording. Oh and while I write, the largest forest fires ever to happen on the planet are blazing right now, this one is in the arctic and stretches across an area the size of the whole of Belgium.

There are floods this week in India, Pakistan, Croatia, Italy, Germany, UK, China. The tour de France was almost cancelled for the first time due to snow and freak hailstones! Ok we might say yeah ok – but its summer time.

The last 5 consecutive hurricanes in the Atlantic were not only record breaking but each was bigger than the last one.  Multiple sinkholes are appearing (even on Whitehouse lawn!) and down the road from me and an entire village has been evacuated in Yorkshire for the first time EVER as there was so much rain, the dam has started to collapse. Oh that was just yesterday.

Now the thing is that – well those that have read Friday Light for a while will know that I predicted all this already in past posts. I wrote about this happening about two years ago when everyone was laughing and focusing on seemingly far more important things to worry about (Brexit being an absurd good example).

I think we need to be careful and we must watch was is actually happening and get ready for that will. The climate has changed, and it’s set to get a whole lot worse. It’s in the early stages – extreme versions of what the weather that we know of already is set to go beyond what we could imagine. If we had rain now we really will have it, if we think it’s been hot we had no idea. If we think the river can’t rise that high, we will be mistaken. If we don’t believe that a Pole shift has happened – sorry but Brexit has achieved its role on you. It’s a mere and deliberate diversion; a farcical and a brilliant theatrical performance achieving its goal. The prevention of you from focusing on the truth.

Pole shift; ask an Eskimo where the sun now sets. Yellowstone – watch the buffalo herds vacate the area for the first time and see the melting roads that never melted before. Or of course you could do was is required of you. Be a drone please and focus on the theatrics of the media, the false and fake diversions designed to disenable your ability to be wise and to ‘see’.

So how did I feel the future? Another easy one – you can only see the future when you understand that it does not exist. All time happens now, so you merely tune into a potential possibility of infinite futures we all create now and they are all there. Of course this is depending on your actions within the present.

Yeah love it. So we can change the future and sadly we are changing it by ignoring what matters and focusing on what doesn’t.

The things that really matter, like yesterday when I gave a homeless guy in Piccadilly Circus a £20 note, my jacket and shirt that cried with happiness. The times when we are someone for someone. Yeah it’s what we do for the planet too because she’s bleeding.

And yes I commend my son, Leon who like many of you do too, also helps people. He is following the Kennedy family tradition and off to Africa to help people in Tanzania. He will go to the deepest most inaccessible parts of Tanzania for three months and well, if you can help him raise some funds. He’s just 18 and given up the idea of University to go and help people right now.

If you would like to donate to his cause, then please help him. He hasn’t managed to raise a penny yet and my heart went to him when he asked me if I could help him, which if course I will. So I ask you as we all help each other!

Here’s the link to follow to help him help people in Tanzania live their lives and be inspired to stay alive; thank you.

Well that’s it for the moment it’s pretty hot here but nothing like the 43 degrees I recorded in Northern France last month. It’s happening so if we all help each other then it really is happening at last.

Yours in the now and in the future.


Click here to help Leon on just giving (thank you!)


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