How To Get Yourself Onto A Private Yacht And Live The Dream…

Just when I think the media stops it was ITV news at my home last night. Another 3 million viewers. Many of you know I decided to create awareness of totally BRUTAL holiday scams where gangs are robbing innocent families of tens of millions a year and in effect, ruining their lives; man did I fight back!

I think i have done more to raise awareness of this, I would say, than any PR agency has ever done! Yeah just me, after my family was scammed, shortly after that, The Sun, The Sunday Express, The BBC, ITV, endless radio stations. Ib3 TV, Spanish Nationals and a whole host of other global media tuned into our viral story of how millions of holiday makers are being scammed by fake holiday rental websites and in effect, losing their much-needed family holidays. OK. I lost my cash but what I gained in the power of positive thinking has been truly remarkable. I also prevented thousands of holiday makers losing their money.

Last week we were invited, out of the blue, by some friends (thank you Dial-A-Flight and our friends by the way) to stay with them on a private Yacht in Majorca to make up for the hell we endured! Those of you that are following this story… read some past posts here – we (my family) lost all our money and had no family holiday but refused to allow it to get to us and I made it into an experiment of positive thinking.

In addition to staying on a private Yacht last weekend pictured with welcome free-bar cocktails all F.O.C (I have never done that in my life), we have also been offered a free villa in Portugal by James Villas who also heard of our story. There are some wonderful people in the world – many more than the bad ones.

We all have tough times but I kept saying to myself, ‘this bad stuff had to happen – Angus just watch what amazing luck you have now’. I haven’t stopped my chants since Easter and I do them every day all the time. I am lucky, blessed with abundance etc.

Since then I have steadily been forcing myself into change. If you don’t change your view, expect to be the person you were yesterday, tomorrow. Good for some but not me. I haven’t been listening to myself, I was being tolerant of the past-the-sell-by-date Angus, a mere random idiot that believed the system was right that I should be happy with it. Well the system has failed humanity.


I used to think tolerance was good. But if you tolerate being comfy on the couch and flicking the channels in-between random and brilliantly pointless gazing your iPhone then you have invited to destroy your true gifts. Gazing at the phone for what? Love, self expression, living the dream?

The comfort zone is a misconception. We are frightened of leaving what we think is comfortable – ‘a life of function and monotonous digital predictability’. Well if you have a major experience, like arriving on an island in the middle of an island you have never been to before with nowhere to stay with your family on the street and the owner of the house whom you never met invites you in to stay because you are stranded; you know you are alive.

I’m alive and the more uncomfortable I get, the better. Change is uncomfortable and I embrace it, because I need it now more than ever, and here she comes!

It’s time to live, forget what you have to do, forget the endless chores, for they have stopped you for most of your life. When will you ever stop the blind routine? You are born with the gift so don’t take it to the grave and bury it with your regrets; open your eyes now and live!

I’m so happy I lost so much money. It is bringing the greatest and most enjoyable unexpected experiences like being on a yacht last weekend. I have learned how to turn the most grotesque energy to my advantage and make my weaknesses into strengths and confusion to clarity.

Haha what an amazing feeling I have. God bless all of those that tried to put me down, God bless those robbers that hit me on the head with a baseball bat in London that tried to murder me (read my book on that). God bless those that stole my money many times over. Thank you for the death of my parents when I was a kid who left at the perfect time for me to learn and to become strong for others who have parents but hate them. Thank you for teaching me that life in an office is perfectly artificial and insanely inhumane. It’s all gonna’ change – you know why? Because I bless the silt I created around me and laugh because I know it’s over. The bad experience evaporate when and only when we have learned.

The only choice I will ever have is to either think positively or negatively that’s about it.



P.S for all of you that are into chocolate you have to watch this !! My recent talk in Nigeria.


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