How Long Do You Wish To Work For?

And what a great month it’s been here at Kennedy’s – we have now moved to our brand-new offices with very nice solar blinds fitted yesterday, for the what-appears-to-be-a-non-existent-UK-summer. But I like them anyway as they look totally posh and I can pretend the sun is out when it’s so not shining in June; well not this week anyway.

Well pull your chairs up a little closer Friday Lighters as I am to be on ITV national news tonight. There is never a dull moment in the life of Angus Kennedy. I just could not make it all up if I tried. So yes, ITV news U.K. tv national news, tune in – 14th June – here we go again. This time I am campaigning to provide help and awareness to victims and would-be victims of holiday fraud. All due to positive thinking.

We all come across people that have got it in for us at some point. I have had a few recently. It simply happens when you rise up the ladder and tune into a higher energy and move out of the old negative vibes that held you back. All I can say is that for every infected and lost misguided apple we meet in life, most of the ones in the packet are the genuine article.

I think it’s easy in life to focus on what goes wrong. Nothing ever ‘goes wrong’, the only ‘wrongness’ I guess, has only ever been the inadequacy of my formal education that didn’t teach me how to overcome negativity. Especially that of others! There is no darkness, there are simply times we choose to close our eyes.

Yeah man a bit beep.  But who wouldn’t go deep that had been writing about sweets for… [conveniently inadequate roll of drums].

36 years

Jeez man.

Who gets the medal for longevity, durability or possibly total insanity – the one that writes about products for 36 years, or the one that makes them?

How long have you been in your job? Not profession, there’s a big difference. Let’s say the average is 3 years or 5 or so. Then perhaps some might get a little fed up and have a groan. They stay on and it’s 10 years, they become immune. Then they reach 20 years and reach for the Prozac!  30 years – no hope – the mortuary awaits. I am still here. Just be careful how long you blink for.

Perhaps that was a bit harsh on many of you. All I am saying is you might feel you are making money, but did you see how the money (or lack of it) is ‘making you’.

But who knows what national TV brings tonight, well I believe we can create a good life, and even if we don’t know what that might be, positivity certainly makes the fruit taste a whole lot better! It only takes another blink and you finally see that are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

And it costs absolutely nothing.

Till next week’s episode – yeah  literally.


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