Time for a SELF SHIFT To Your Dreams

Sitting down to dinner (sweet coconut curry too) last night and my mobile rings. It’s a call from Ecuador, normally family time is family time right. But I love this country anyway and it’s amazing people so why not spare a mouthful of curry and take call – could it be the call? I keep saying to myself now, ‘be the person you want be, right now, not the person you were yesterday.
Or, you will always be the person who you were and never become the person you want to be, right. Sorry a little deep for kick off. So anyway long story but I am being the new me, the one that acts within the moment.

Besides this country is blowing my mind; now I might be popping over there. Ecuador is considered to be the most bio-diverse country in the world per unit area and has the largest banana crops. I like bananas -might be living off them soon!

Well a lot of you know that I have been gifted a 50-acre piece of original jungle in Ecuador, which is just so out of the blue I am almost becoming a believer in whims-for-reasons, spontaneity, insane expectation of the unexpected and the fact that I really don’t mind if, along with everyone else, even I now call myself (proudly) a self-confessed, brilliantly deluded fantasist.

Well anyway, as many of you know I have been taking an interest in cocoa farming in general and now I have been giving my own one, well no time like the present. I’m still young enough (55!) to go and do something about it.

Well the call comes through and while I am helping my son feed himself (he loves the curry too my wife cooked). He’s struggling, he’s 8 years but fell off the climbing frame yesterday in the school playground and broke his wrist and arm clean. Well that’s to the delight of our sausage dog that now can’t be hugged so hard it’s rather like watching a mating male frog in full claps-action.

“Angus I have good news.”

“Great, gimmi some good news- been a while. ” I say.

I need it this year what with holiday scams and criminals on every corner, broken bones and terrible news of deaths. Yes very sad – a close friend of the family commits suicide recently, bless his soul, only 18 years old and first year at Uni.

“OK what you got.”

“Its VERY GOOD news Angus!”

“Jesus what!” I won the lottery and I didn’t know, the President of Ecuador has lent me his pad for a while I explore the paradise, or they invented a miracle cure for my shoulder that hurts even when I type one lousy consonant.

“Angus you are getting noticed, you are a good man and we trust you will do good things for the people and farmers of Ecuador and cocoa farmers all over the world for that matter and The Vice President of Ecuador would like to talk to you. Make yourself available next Tuesday. His ministers will contact you organise the call.

My wife has heard so many of my crazy ideas. Even if I told her, ‘hey darling I’m chatting to The Vice President of Ecuador next week.’ She would be excused for thinking ‘Right Angus, and I’m more likely to be served by a shape-shifting-Amazon frog* at the till in my local chemist than my husband speaking to the Vice President of Ecuador.’

But you know what I am saying is; that if you have failed a lot in your life it just means that you haven’t aimed high enough so don’t flipping stop. We are all destined perhaps for things far more enjoyable and greater than we could imagine, things that come out the blue, like TV programs, farms and chats to Vice Presidents at random times!

Whatever you are thinking, DON’T SIT ON IT. I am writing a book that’s creating these things, it’s a kind of magic, and well, this week has been decidedly cool. Cool in the way that I can help people live the dream, and that is what my dream is all about; now with assistance from potentially an entire country. Now then, we really can change the world, OMG, perhaps we really can! Just aim higher than you ever imagined possible, EVER, when was the last time you did that? You deserve so much more.

So bloody well give yourself what you deserve and ‘listen’ to the whims and the crazy things you never dreamed possible. Because they are possible.



*The Shape shifting Amazon Frog – called “Punk Rocker” can happily go from spiky to smooth in a minute; so come on man – shape shift to your real self and put the facade away!

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