Could we all really change things that easily

What crazy times indeed. My friends in Ecuador and those wonderful people within the Ecuadorian Government’s Ministry really are quite special. Now the area of jungle that I have been gifted by them has grown to 50 acres (it was originally 25).

Jeez that’s twice as big as the local park ‘Highgate Woods’ in North London where I grew up as a pudding-bowl-haircut-schoolkid. Just to jog round this Jungle De La Kennedy would take ½ an hour – it’s the size of 40 football pitches – 4k round trip!

Last night I sat on my son’s, (or at least one of my son’s) beds while saying goodnight and I said to him; in the rare moment he wasn’t on an iPad. “As long as you believe in something son, it’s yours to own and nothing else matters. I’ve been given a piece of paradise – out of the blue. A 50-acre chunk of the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador.”

He looked up at me and just buried his head under the pillow and said.


Dad’s dreaming again they often do say. He’s off. Not again, they think, as they roll their eyes. But yes ‘dad’ has been given 50-acre chunk of untouched Ecuadorian rain forest I say.

Yeah right mate, and I am more likely to meet a Madagascan Tomato frog at the bar while sipping a Cobra on a dad’s night out in my local Maidstone curry house.

But of course, I don’t see it that way, (some people call it madness). I’m not dreaming. I am willing, creating, having, doing and believing, yes ok took 30 or so years. If you take a long time they call you a dreamer. If it happens right away they call you a success or an entrepreneur. It does cross my mind, I could indeed be a self-confessed deranged fantasist. But never the less – a man that has received a gift from out of the blue.

What is the ‘blue’ anyway? A place where I have been for a long while. It’s like a MacDonald’s drive in, you hang about there long enough in the queue and eventually you place your order. A dream is unravelling possibly and what is a dream anyway? Something that must be acted upon before you die, or it will haunt you and become a regret. No matter how risky and what you go through, it is always going to be what you didn’t do that conjures regret.

50 acres of rivers lagoons, 500 year old Kapok trees and gigantic celestial bearded fig trees, wow man! (yes I do talk to the trees too). And living off grid without taxes and facing I’ll never have to buy packaged courgettes in my supermarket for £1.29 for just three – that’s shear robbery.

But dream on Angus. Cachou nut trees, our own chickens and picking mangos off the ‘estate.’ Would I live there?

You bet.

Would I give up the life in Medway, where I live? Oh come on please, please show me where is the life, did I miss it? I live in a concrete jungle, all dead, flattened, buried and forgotten. Blocks of flats are rising faster than they can pull pints in my local and the only animals that seem to survive are rats, ants and pigeons.

You are never alone if you have a dream, we all can one day make it. I am miles off, I confess, but just imagine- my wife and I are ready to take the kids out of school and the click of a single email to escape to the jungle.

Here’s to our big escape. God bless you if you make it before I do OK, at least someone had the chance to see what a type 2 humanoid actually can be. Yes the Humane Race to be human and I am at the starting line fully fired up and ready to fly. If only the ‘blue’ allows.

What else can I do? Well just stay out of my mind. Because my mind until now has failed me – all the way (to success).

Yours Angus
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