Is This Really Happening?!!

Hmm – the most curious times. I am writing a new book (number 9) that IS CHANGING MY LIFE. That’s why I haven’t been posting that many Friday Lights. This is one of the strangest books I have EVER written, it’s not really a book, it’s more a live experience of me having a ‘meeting’ with the unknown and being provided with the unseen tools to land what’s missing in my life. Yes a crazy book to finally help me sort out my long-term life problems and to live my dreams. Many of you know I am an impossible fantasist anyway and I have been at this for decades. Many of you know how hard I have been trying too.

Since I started writing this new book (The Book to Change Your Life) this month, some rather curious things are happening to me. Anyway I decided that most self-help books don’t help me. I mean let’s face it, if they did, then no one would have long-term problems. The more I read the daft get-rich books, recite the mantras and watch those annoying sell bucket loads with your online platform videos, the steadily poorer and frustrated I become- they don’t work.

So what does?

I wanted to write a book to change my life and in doing so, you, perhaps yours. I wanted to talk to the Universe and make things happen that must happen, that I deserve to happen, that I have asked to happen for decades that are not happening. So my old self is due for a trade in. Yes so I wrote these things down in the in the book. Anyway I have been talking to my contacts in the Universe and they have agreed to help me with a book, by changing me – to re-boot me and help me ‘shift’ to make my dreams come true.

Listen up!

So I wrote the things that I was fed up with and asked for them to end, because all the techniques I used worked to some extent, but you need something extra-ordinary to shift the big ones – something I feel we all need. I’m talking of things that have been going on for years that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get them started. In my case trying to sell my car, the house, landing the TV series, living on a cocoa farm and the long-term projects and so on.

Well this week some very curious things have been happening. The moment I finished writing about my Land Rover needing to be sold (one of a few things) something happened. I had the advert on Autotrader for almost a year and not a single call, the next day, that is just 12 hours after writing about the car in this new book, I had a call from a really nice man who drives over, sees the car and buys it with a transfer for asking price.

The cash appears in my phone before I have had the chance to make him a cuppa tea! He said to me. “Angus, you have to live your dreams”. Which he was , buy buying my Defender. Which in itself was an odd co-incidence as dreams is what my book is about. I could not believe it? After 12 months of no sales, I start writing a book to help me, I wrote about my car being unsold and within twelve hours the money is in my account. I just bought a car for a lot less money today and its been delivered tomorrow.

Like what the…

But wait there’s more. I finished my chapter last night and went to sleep wondering how on Earth and what triggered the car sale. It was pretty amazing. Let just say it’s a form of surrender and admission.

I have a message that I was to wait until tomorrow (today) for an answer. Today I have more news. Today I received an email from a very good Government contact of mine in the Ecuadorian Ministry. The email says. “this might come as a surprise Angus, but the Government of Ecuador has finally agreed to gift to you 25 acres of land in the Ecuadorian rain forest.” I read it was in an area of great beauty with lagoons and natural source water. Yes a dream; with rivers and waterfalls on the side of a mountain that is great for cocoa growing.

Like for free!

They said that they had been following my story and they love what I am doing for the chocolate industry and, if course they knew about me being massively disappointed about not being able to make the film of living on the cocoa farm. So I have been given one, for life, and now I can make my own film with my own land.

Because of the book? You tell me. Because of parallel realities? I might have to tell you. Because there is a lot more to learn, more likely. Because – we can all do this?


Things are happening. But I am cautious; could be co-incidence. If not, then the best self help book of all time is being written right now as it’s making things happen that have been on the cards with me for decades. Whatever next?

Good things create more things and man, there are some seriously big things on that list! Let’s say it was just co-incidence for now. But today I have a 25-acre farm for free and that was on my list.

Yours rather unbelievably with my heart going to the people and Government of Ecuador.


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