How To Create The Winning Lottery Ticket

I recently discovered that my name is worth £47,917. That’s nice- I was thinking of selling it too. Yes, depending on your name, someone has researched the average annual earnings of people by what they are called and then put it into a totally meaningless chart. So if you have nothing better to do, why not waste a whole ton of time like I did while at work and find out.

Well I did just that – better not tell my wife as I discovered that my name ‘Angus’ in the top 4% of earners at £47K which came as a surprise while my wife’s name,  ‘Sophie’ was about half that. But hey, if your name is Ed, Bill or Geoff, then you beat me to it. I guess that makes sense as Bill Gates just pushed up average for Bill. But there are other ways to do this. Your name has meaning and value too- let me explain. Still more time to waste at work- go for it then!

So here are all the values for all the letters of your name
•          1– A, J, S.
•          2– B, K, T.
•          3– C, L, U.
•          4– D, M, V.
•          5– E, N, W.
•          6– F, O, X.
•          7– G, P, Y.
•          8– H, Q, Z.

So you add all the numbers of for each letter of your name – mine: Angus George Kennedy add up to 70 so 7+0 = 7 so my name’s value is 7. Seven has meaning (apparently) and means I am a dreamer that always searches for meaning- hmm sounds about right. So far, so good; someone in the top 4% earnings by doing little more than being a dreamer and philosopher- Yeah OK I’ll really buy that.

Bring it on!

By the way I am doing this because at the time of writing (which was yesterday for you – 30thMay) I hit the age of 55 –YIKES! That’s way too much. But I’m not finished yet. Check out your birth date and add those up too. So for me this is 30051964. So I add all those numbers up and they make 28 – add 2+8 and you get 10 – which is the number one for my birth number. Number one here means I am a pioneer, gambler and a creative initiator and motivator. Cool – you should give this a go. Great idle chit-chat over a Chicken Tikka Masala at my local curry house what are you waiting for.

My house number is 55, yesterday I turned 55. Yes and so what? You say rightly. I know you are right, but if you don’t dream then you will never leave the iPhone or the couch for that matter which both give nothing but a false sense of comfort anyway. If you want to be the most comfortable person ever and end up in the top 4% of earners, like I’m not at the moment, then leave the comfort zone and get off the iphone!

I do feel my life will change beyond belief this year- the day I turn 55. yes like a fairy tale -on the very day the clock strikes 12. I always knew this, you know. Is that because I mapped my mind to believe it and make it happen for so long? 55 is the number of big changes. Well just in case things needed a little boost I did buy a lottery ticket (demonstrating obscene stupidity I know) – pictured – curiously those numbers add up to 41. 4 + 1 = 5. Bingo.

Ha-ha so just in case you don’t hear from me today, I am now sunning myself on a multimillion-pound yacht as God gave me a little prezzy. Check out my instagram to find out!

I will one day get there because it’s ‘written’.

OK I’ll settle for sitting on a Yacht for the time being and pretend 🙂 But the wealth is coming,  I am expecting my life to change beyond belief this year and how this happens exactly;  I don’t know. But I know it will and I will be heading towards my wildest dreams at last. You have to believe in something right or you’re screwed. Who cares what it is? Daft numbers, imagination techniques, lighting candles in churches, they all work if your belief is strong enough.

Here’s another way to change your life…  try imagining that great success happened the day after you failed and change your past. So I will imagine I won the lottery the day after I might have lost to change my past.

Yeah, I confused myself too but that’s what I am doing as there is something in that OK, trust me.

On my 55th birthday I start work on my next book. Fail Your Way To Success – I am so sure I will get there in the end I am writing the book as it happens for when it happens. Yes I am insane – hoooooraaahhh please let this all happen before I die Mr GOD.

If you think that’s crazy just check out the number 9 – that really is a magic number and I’ll be weaving it into my next book too.

As you go through life, we finally see –  it all adds up.


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