Here’s What I Saw in The Future

Things are stranger by the minute – well this week I am going a bit deep. It’s perfectly normal for me to think like this so every now and then I let you know what I am really thinking or where my conscience is travelling (most of the time). I think the world is mad when they don’t believe what’s really happening and hidden from them. But when I see the future, I wonder how on Earth they lived in 2019. Then I see that they didn’t really live – they survived – it was a terrible time to live.


You see not too far away a robot will wake you up that has cleared the kitchen and cooked breakfast. All commands are voice activated and writing things will be a thing of the past. Roads will not exist and nor will traffic, with all cars self-driving on the roads – even those to be replaced by renewable energy flying cars. No money exists but a microchip under our skin is put in place and most crime is wiped out. By 2063 virtually all illnesses are eradicated. And yes, 6G comes in and a chip is inserted into the head and there is no need for schooling as anything we need to know is there with a thought question.

Yes, some may dread the future – I’m sure there will be one huge Earthquake and one huge Volcano, and I mean 1000 times bigger than we can comprehend but I can’t get the exact dates. But the Volcano will be within 100 years and the Earthquake a lot sooner – in my lifetime. I dream about it. It’s coming.

Many cities that we know of today will be abandoned as sea levels rise, it will be gradual (don’t panic) but as we see cities underwater today on diving holidays; the ones we created will in turn take their turn for the plunge. It’s all a cycle of the cleansing of mother Earth. She is a living being, sadly governments don’t care.

The population will be out of control so underwater cities with living quarters in pods and domes will be created underwater, on other planets and in deserts.

It will be revealed that time travel has existed for many years – many predict it will be revealed in 2028. Many of us know that aliens have lived with us for centuries in underground bases which will also come to light. We will be living with Aliens mainly in harmony.

There will be few borders with 10 leaders ruling the world with the consultation of AI. A lot further into the future it gets out of control and the war between AI and humanity begins. It’s a very slow and painful process as the military developed the ultimate self-repairing human killing machines and one third of all the population is wiped out instantly. But that is a very long time ahead.

Yes, the sky will be red from pollution that destroys much of the planet for 100’s of years.

How can I see; all because of parallel reality, yes all time exists all the time. The future the past is all happening in the only thing we ever experience – ‘now’. There is no past or future, just infinite realities of which our consciousness chooses to experience. We are amazing!

Wow! Mind blowing visions, I am changing my future and my past. We can change things all in ‘good’ time.

A lot to take in here and whether you think its fiction – well I entertained you right! If you believe me, join me in the current war, to fight for the freedom to express ourselves as we are – human and good to others.

Stop or don’t buy into any doctrine that prevents you from being human.

So easy. Today’s date is 24/05/2019. Add of those digits up and they make 23, add those, it makes 5. Next week I turn 55, my house number is 55. 5 is the number of change and over the next three years everythingwill change – especially my life – I can see it because I imagined it. I imagine the truth. The only future is the way you change it now.

Rather cryptic I know but who is going to write this if I don’t!

Happy and a thoughtful Friday!



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