When Dreams Come into Fashion

It’s been a good week. I didn’t lose any money! Especially after our Easter Holiday fraud last month. I did manage, however to tell 20 million people about it as I launched my own campaign to help families in trouble. Which was great as the Kennedy family, along with our new German friends in Majorca and a growing network of international press and amazing people that came to me, now together; we have managed to prevent countless families from being scammed like we were. And yes, I did write to the Prime Minister too asking for her job. No really, I did (no response yet). But ITV news now filming us next week, have requested a copy of my unanswered letter. Talk about making a negative into positive -a meeting at Number 10 next!

In the meantime I am back from an incredible trip in Nigeria (speaking in front of 1000’s of lovely people) at The GT Bank Food Festival in Lagos and [pause], I might possibly be blessed this weekend with absolutely nothing to do. Surely that’s not possible.

Though there is one thing. My presence may be required at the Sausage Dog Café walk where all the Dachshund owners in Kent take their dogs for a communal walk ‘en-masse’ and end up in a very-dog-filled-café and talk, well, about ‘sausage dog things’. Sausage dog food available in the Café too (groan). Not a long walk I hope as our sausage dog can only walk a few hundred meters, rain is forecast and what do we talk about anyway over a cold cappuccino? ‘Yeah mine’s a Dachshund too you know.’ I thought this to be so outrageously stupid and ridiculous that I now have to go.

In the mean time I am working on some very interesting mind control techniques and wowzah – they are working. I have to say right now that if I ever land the T.V. program. Which I have been trying for 20 years, I declare I am using this technique right now that I have developed to get (well basically), what we desire and didn’t come before.

It’s a kind of (Dream Attraction Program) and last week (pictured to prove it!). I spoke at a fashion event (one of the best talks yet) and I was completely taken back by the number of people in the audience that came to me and wanted my photo and to talk.

London’s top models at a fashion show wanting to be pictured with me? Angus’ dreaming right?  Pro-snappers firing away – really 20-30 cameras snapping us against the media wall – like what! I was pinching myself. All those things I created with my mind – my imagination, by casting thoughts into my past and future. It works. Yes I cast thought into the past now too. Freeky.

Actually, I need write a book to let you know how I do it. And anyway, I am not famous yet, so no one will listen to me so what’s the point? But I am now writing the best self-help book of all time just in case.

Isn’t being snapped with a media board proof that anything can happen. I’m 55 this month, this is nuts. But I have made my intention one to keep going until we are all convinced. Then finally you can share strength, leave your jobs or whatever you do that you don’t want to do and be the true you that you always were.

Anyway, anyone on Instagram too? That’s a good start – try @angusgkennedy find me there as I post a lot me crazy items about living the dream and how to do it.

Think positive OK and when something really bad happens that’s the best and most fabulous opportunity to turn your life around and reflect.

Have great Friday!

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