It’s Easy To Get Rich – Read What’s Happening to Me!

Normally when you don’t receive a Friday Light (my blog) for a while it’s because I am up to something and now is a great example! Man I have been busy– not a second lost. The minute I board the train, the book is open (by the way I am reading ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ at present. I flick the ignition in the car, the audio book is fired up – a chance to remind myself of one of my favourites, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, yes every second is a bonus.

A 5-mile tailback – perfect, more time to tune into Dan Pena’s amazing rags to riches story that I only watched the first 30 minutes of the last time I was in not-enough-traffic. Yes even a touch of constipation- brilliant and welcome– I’m blessed. More time then spent in the toilet; and that means one thing. The chance to listen to the end of the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ video that I was listening to as I was carrying the shopping from the car to the Kitchen table with my headphones on.

Yes I am forcing a my ‘change of the mind’. Lunch time at the gym – once previously thought of as a repetitive often painful movement, is now time to absorb a 432 frequency for zoning into, and to imagine, the expectation of my new-found wealth. Yes I close my eyes and bless the now obsolete version of who I was. Goodbye my old faithful self, a version I still love, but it was the old me, the one that forgot how much I can achieve.

But I was not to blame. It’s easy to be negative. The Brexit news continues vomit its toxic vibes while my phone does it’s best to stop me thinking for myself.  Avoid it! Put down the papers, don’t read about the murders, thefts and celebrity marriage break-ups. Switch off the radio that demands that you focus on the M5 motorway block when you’re not in it or hearing of engineering works at Waterloo East when you are in a Café in the Piazza of Trieste.

So don’t cut yourself up. It was planned for you to be one of the 99% of the slaves as the 1% of the wealthy don’t want you to know The Secret (which was not in the book either!).

99% carried on doing what they were told.

Bin the fear

Make a choice

Be clear


Since Jan this year I have been really focusing on being someone I haven’t been, and the luck and wealth is coming alright.  How could I ever be rich by being who I am! So the re-booting is working. Work at Kennedy’s is again booming, I am travelling to Africa to speak a major food show on chocolate (200,000 visitors) as one of only 11 food celebrity Gurus and then just last week I won an award for the best B2B editor of the year. I won’t disclose the fee but let’s say -substantial.

In the mean time I have had an unexpected tax refund in the thousands, I sold an old piece of junk in the garage for £500 quid that I was going to bin and found a share certificate worth £600. Then bingo! I discovered an old ISA (6 figures). Now Kennedy’s is picking up massively and I am just watching the show as amazing people have joined the company and sales are up again. And all because of my re-programming and if you expect – you look, if you look, you will find.

So you see, it’s really happening because abundance could not be ‘attracted by the unexpecting person’ that I was, that focused on ‘the not having’ of what I truly deserve

That’s the basics – try it. Well it’s the tip of the ice berg actually (which is why I am writing a new book on AWAP…. Angus’ Wealth attraction Program.) The greatest self-help boom of all time.

So stomach problems and being marooned in traffic can be brilliant if you can master to see the good in them; preferably not together though. But then perhaps I will find a way to be positive about even that combination too!

Expect the gold – you start to see it.

Make the change and enjoy the weekend!




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