How to Feel The Good

As you read this mail I will be driving across France and Belgium in my old faithful 100,000-mile-plus Toyota Land Cruiser on my way to an exhibition called iSM in Cologne, Germany for the 38th year. Yes, I’ve been going to the same confectionery show since the age of 16 and here I am, going again. Is it a good thing to do what you did at the age of 16, some 30 years later?


And I travel with an amazing bumper issue of Kennedy’s Confection magazine, which I publish, that has defied all odds and is once again on top of her game; and all because of many of you that read Friday Light! So I thank you for your inseparable loyalty to Kennedy’s. Friday Light is a good thing then!

Last week I was a bit harsh in my blog. We established that the world and its people have been de-railed somewhat. I guess you knew that anyway and you probably didn’t need reminding either. But it’s because we do the same thing (most the time) that the world isn’t changing as fast as it should. So I wondered, Angus what else are you doing to change the world? It’s the purpose of life right? Well I think it is. If we don’t change it then the ‘agenda’ wins.

I am now finalizing the most amazing plans to go and live on a cocoa farm with a wonderful family in poverty in Africa and make a 30 film of what its like; Nigeria to be precise.

But I made a mistake in the past. I asked people to fund me to go and make this film. No one wanted to support my project, of course they didn’t. They wanted to see me doing something great, not to pay me to do it. And many of you do great things for others anyway.

I asked people to sponsor me to make a film, so I could tell the story of cocoa farms in poverty in West Africa. But I saw that this wasn’t a good thing. The ‘good thing’ was to do it without asking for money.

The penny dropped. So I just decided to get the air ticket to Lagos and go for it; even without a camera crew.

Madness or faith? Inaction is a disease  (Dis – ease)

It will be OK I said to myself. Faith is knowing that even though you don’t quite know what’s next, it will be good because you started your mad journey with a good intention.

I knew I was taking a risk, as I will have armed guards to protect me while in Nigeria. But I made the intention no matter what – to help people that need me. It’s only when you act on a good intention that you know are you are truly living.

You can’t keep talking about going to Africa, or getting the degree, you can’t keep saying you will, one day go around the world. Talking doesn’t give you the experience you yearn for, it merely fools you. So even though I have no camera team yet, I am going to make a film and live with a cocoa family in June anyway. I will eat what they do, work as they do as a laborer, sleep on what they sleep on and tell their story as it is from a village in Nigeria with no medical center, school or running water, electrics and not enough food to eat.

So if you want an experience of a lifetime come with me. The King of Eti Oni, Nigeria, who is great man and personal friend that will put you up in Hotels and enable you to join the army of people to help with this project. Erm well right now it’s just me! But I feel good and that’s all that matters- I feel good, I mean I can touch it – the goodness.

I’ll make a film with my iphone if I have to, but if any one wants to join me/support me, then contact me.

Or carry on doing what you always do and like me, out of habit, continue to do what you have done for 38 years. Actually many of you have new agendas, but you know what I mean.

What ever you do, I challenge you to act on spontaneity, finally dare to take on that great thing that you have always wanted to do in your life.

Yeah before tomorrow. Tomorrow may come for you and me. But for many like those in the cocoa industry, it might not.

I intend, to change that.

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