Extreme Weather – and Extreme News – no co-incidence

Yes, ok that’s probably a cloud that I snapped above the Sun on the way back from Cologne last week; incidentally with a car full of candies and chocolate by the way! The lasered Californian forest fires, record flooding in the Middle East, increasing-at-an-alarming-rate-volcano eruptions, unprecedented off-the-scale hurricanes, the destruction of entire islands (Barbuda) and now record -37-degree temperatures in the dear City of Chicago this week, are all probably just more anomalies. Nothing to lose a sip of Darjeeling over right?

Nothing to lose a sip of Darjeeling over right, And it’s probably just normal that the ground around the Yellowstone Volcano has risen by one inch in 2018 (which is one of the largest and most significant rises for centuries. I could go on … earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, meteor sightings, where do I stop? You get the picture.

Yes, and it’s probably also a co-incidence that media is force feeding the Brexit-farce which is so overcooked, it’s like swallowing the white ashes from a day-old log fire the following morning. The force feeding of Brexit is another lousy attempt to divide humanity.

Again (big Yawn). Because dividing humans is failing for the first time in history. Which is why there is a need for this totally frenzied creation of false panic.

Overdoing it on one subject in the news also ALWAYS means something else is cooking which they DON’T want us to tune into. Sadly some of us are in tune. In fact, many of you will tune in too with the arrival of a new dimensional energy that is here now at your service. Why do you think you are all so fed up? Wake up to the energy. It makes you feel again. I am so encouraged here. I really thought many humans I have met at least had lost all feeling.

So, we hear the people in power say, as they lounge back (in the rare moments while not asleep) in their comfy parliamentary chairs as old and they are; and potentially booked places in bunkers.

Dam we didn’t manage to pull off world war three to get the them off the Binary Star case and the causes of the Pole Shift. Can’t have them knowing that that we are building bunkers all over the world and the HAARP system is malfunctioning. Hmmm, let’s try Brexit, anything chaps; go to it, give them the mind-fodder and keep fluoridating the water. Give them anything than what is actually happening to our planet or they will wonder why we are saving our skins and not theirs. No! FEED the idiots with BREXIT. Every day every, hour, second – what a super idea.  Let’s feed it through the media channels (which, oh yes, we own them all anyway- [loud hidious chuckle]. Bravo – Keep force feeding the lies!’

Now of course there has been a Pole Shift; and what causes that- does anyone care? No, because the powers have derailed the population to think that Brexit is more important. It’s all staged anyway, politicians have been fooled too. A brilliantly masterminded plot to fool even the idiots in governments (not that this is very hard to do).

Fooled, foiled Foxed and conned, even our own governments fell for it.

And what can be done? Well like my trip to Africa that I wrote of last week that I WILL DO anyway. If we all did a small thing to stop BEING CONTROLLED and to be who we are then we would be uncontrollable bastions of truth.

Better to be a Lion for a day than a sheep for the rest of your life. Better to die in the fight than to be controlled, manipulated and slaughtered.

But let’s just stop here and enjoy the weekend! Yes enjoyment by getting off the phones and watching the sky, listen to the birds, gaze at the sun at 6pm, photograph the moon. The truth is always whispered to you through mother nature that helps you manufacture yours.

Yours without fail


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