Why Your News Years Resolutions Probably Won’t Work!

As the New Year passes the last of many of our (failed at again) resolutions unceremoniously seep of the window – the resolutions we thought would set us free. And we wished everyone a happy new year, as we always do, with a distant faith that it might be as happy one. There was once a time, ‘The Golden Age’before we were manipulated and robbed of our true powers, when humans could be happy. There was a time when we did not need to wish for it.

Yes we have systematically been manipulated over thousands of years and de-throned of the true majesty that lies within us all, still; but look at us now. A world of hopelessly divided, muted, mind-controlled, un-united, clones and drones; not at ease (dis-eased) beings.

“Angus, A Happy New Year” They say.

“Really! Tell me how can I do that whent the world is fumked?”

But it’s not our fault. It’s no surprise; the systematic and impeccably organised system of control is closing in on humanity, a vice run by power crazed criminals that set the laws for themselves so that they can rob us (tax), and murder us, (legal systems) or even take our children away. We gave them our charge.

It’s not how it should be, which is why many of us won’t be happy until our job is done. We were not born to put up with this control. It’s not how it used to be. A time existed, The Golden Age, when we walked the planet as real humans that did not have our senses destroyed.

Well I won’t cut myself up if things don’t work out then! If you are still broke, overweight, unhappy, disenchanted or fed up hoping for freedom; remember it is not your fault. The system is brilliantly designed to make you serve it, believe in it and accept it. The misery comes from believing that we should be happy with a world that’s F….ked up.

So how then could you be free as a bird? Well the way it is, unless you have the blue blood, that’s a challenge all right! For the moment anyway.

We are not born free –we never were. We are all contracted to serve, born into absolute slavery from the day we arrive until we die. Yes from the day we are injected with pineal-glad-destroying-vaccines and force-fed daft lies at college.

We can’t choose what we want to study or eat (though we think you can). We can’t move around the planet freely without the need for permits and passports. We must follow rules and pointless laws that we never agreed to. We have to endure power-crazed obsessed monsters that hind behind cloned puppets who even make it seem like we elected them. Something we never agreed to. Those in power have been at it for thousands of years, owning the land, paying the armies to destroy the voices that rise up to complain.

I’ll tell you when it’s my happy new year.

Nothing has changed. We have to work to survive and if we don’t; well, who gives a sod? Many of us who can’t work are left to die in the street while brain washed humans step over dyeing people. We work for a belief system called money to earn something we must have to actually survive. Few realise that money is nothing more than a worthless belief system that causes total misery. Money is thetool of control. Money needs to be destroyed.

This is not freedom, this is pure and utter slavery that we live in Friday Lighters. It’s all perfectly constructed to divide our opinions and assist in making us turn against each other with: sport, gender, class, intelligence, opinions, religion and politics. We are deliberately taught differing beliefs to encourage further divides in humanity. Yes we are all, in one way or another, fighting over money. Fighting the wrong enemy since we were destroyed. But a single idea can change the world.

Money was introduced as a tool of enslavement to humanity at a specific point in time when the royal bloodlines first appeared, they are still here. We have been slaves and brilliantly manipulated while living a giant illusion; brainwashed into thinking that if we work harder we can be free.


And those that rebelled over history are dead. Who writes the laws and our history? Yeah you got it – the winners of the wars. Who fights for peace? You got it again. The ones that loose. We worked for the Kings from day one- we still work for them now – we serve the blue blood.

And what chance is there? A sick species that is worried, exhausted and broke is much easier to control. They don’t want you to live to 200, which is quite possible because if you were fit at 200 years (it has happened) you would have worked it out and act and DO SOMETHING!

You have to die young, so let’s keep introducing new chemtrailed illnesses, vaccines, and manipulate your water to dumb your minds and pump you with processed and totally unnatural foods, change the frequencies, pollute the air, give you more to fight over and be divided about; all so you need more money to be healthy and fertile and stay alive.

Ladies and Gentlemen EVERYTHING is controlled.

But a single idea can change the world. A single idea will change the world – imagine when we refuse to do inhumane things to others. Then its over, we win.

Thought and love are the greatest weapons on the planet.

Yes it certainly will be a happy new year when those in power are  finally begging on the street and experience the horrors of the wars, the illness and poverty that they forced upon others.

You know what? I almost just then felt an air of happiness drift my way while thinking that too.

Wishing you an  – I-almost-made-you-A-Happy-New-Year!


PS See many of you in Cologne at the end of the month and thank you to our amazing loyal Kennedys Confection customers that made Kennedys January a huge record breaking issue again.

PSS. Anyone in Cologne wants a signed copy of by book delivered to your stand, or in person. Let me know and I’ll organise it. Email me and I’ll send details.

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