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I never use my blog to sell stuff. Which if you think about it, being the wise readers you are, would be a plainly daft thing to do! So I am going to ask you in advance to forgive me. Well it is Christmas, Friday Light is free and I am going to make an exception; for I expect many of you might not yet have discovered that missing and perfect Christmas prezzy.

I am saying this as last month a truly lovely Opera singer in the USA read Bittersweet and contacted me to provide signed copies for all her friends with a personal message for them for Christmas. It has been a brilliant project. You can provide a gift from an Author that you know personally. 🙂

The feedback from readers of ‘Bittersweet’ from all ages and both sexes has been both inspiring and quite moving. I know that a wrapped and signed copy by your trusted Friday Light Author on Christmas day would make a wonderful and inspiring Christmas gift.

Next to my desk here now is a box with a limited number of 20 hardback copies of Bittersweet all looking to find nice loving homes for readers-to-be-inspired.

So here’s the deal, I can send you a brand new hard back copy in 24 hours, signed, with a message for the person you are buying it for; and cheaper than Amazon by saving £4.75! on their price However I only have 20 copies at this price so first come first served. Just tell me about the person you are buying for and I will write a personal  Christmas message on the front page especially for them.

Just a quick PayPal payment to me and the book is in the post on the same day. postage included for Europe – all in at £15.00!  If you are outside Europe we just add extra. Of course, you can get them from Amazon too, but not without the personal touch and the Angus factor discount. Click here to message me for PayPal details. Click here direct to Amazon

In the mean time I performed a magic trick this Monday. I continue with my charity work by speaking at schools and colleges (in particular underprivileged schools) to inspire the children and teenagers to live the dream and never believe there is such a thing as failure. And with my story in Bittersweet and my subsequent live talk of overcoming adversity; well they love it! Even the 7 years olds.

So, for this school, I asked Ferrero if they would do something special with me. So together we organized for every child to receive a surprise Christmas chocolate gift at the school assembly. So the children were all lined up in the assembly hall in front of me as I took the stage, row after row, all 300 of them. Little did they know they were all about to receive a wonderful Christmas gift!

When I finished my talk, I asked them all to close their eyes and make a wish. They all closed their eyes (some of the teachers did too) and wished for chocolate. That was 300 kids all at the same time scrunching their eyes shut, while wishing and clasping their tiny hands as they sat cross legged on the cold assembly floor wishing as hard as they could. The assembly hall went totally silent as they focused on chocolate.

While their eyes where closed I removed the veil that covered the chocolate on stage to reveal 300 Kinder Joys for when they opened their eyes. The anticipation was electric.

“OK you can open your eyes now,” I said. “Remember your wishes  really cancome true. Wish and it WILL happen, that’s all you need to do in life – imagine!

… magic is real.”  I continued.

They opened their eyes and almost immediately I will never forget that what I heard. 300 children aged 6-11 screaming with joy looking in disbelief with their mouths wide open and eyes like saucers; radiating gratitude and positive energy as they feasted their eyes on their gift (Stage pictured). Don’t forget that these schools look after some of the poorest school kids in the UK – many kids hardly receive a breakfast in the morning yet alone a chocolate gift.

Friday Lighters, I can tell that you in my entire career that even beats filming at Hollywood.

It’s charity work that I do to inspire right across the country to live the dream. I team up with other good people in film and of course wonderful chocolate producers like Ferrero to make this magic come true.

So you I guess can indirectly sponsor me in a way by buying my book to continue to inspire me. We all need a boost, all of us. I am no different.

Write to me if you would  like to provide chocolate for underprivileged school children and teenagers; write to me if you know a school or University, or charity I can help, and hey, write to me anyway because a lot of you do and I love to hear from you!

Inspiring children, teenagers your neighbors and anyone for that matter, to help them believe in themselves is something we all can do. So let’s join forces and make everyone’s a dream-come-true-Christmas.

Click here for paypal details and send me the name of the person you are buying the book for and consider it done! Hurry only 20 copies at that price.

Until next week.

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