Whats in The Christmas ‘Present’

Get ready for December. A month where we think our priceless time off is about shopping because of a man named Jesus. Ladies and Gentlemen, we now enter into a period of total insanity. A festive time we call it. Where we blindly buy things because we think we have to. Every minute will be spent, wrapping, shopping, taking back Amazon returns, missing the delivery men in the morning, queuing in: supermarket isles, malls and endless traffic while waiting for car spaces that everyone else wants.

And at home when we just need a break from a gruelling and insane month at work and mindless shopping, we find ourselves going for the last hurdle. Then begins the, cooking, washing, cleaning, finishing the kitchen off so it finally looks right and picking up the relative(s) from the station which we will inevitably argue with.

We come home exhausted and it all MUST be done by Christmas. Yes, all done, tidied, washed, cooked, prepared, dusted, emptied, filled up again, with the fruit bowl full of nuts we won’t eat till Easter and fridge filled with a huge bird that we couldn’t possibly consume. Yes, all this for a single lousy day; a couple of hours even, while we make ourselves sick over too much food that even the dog can’t stomach any more.

So, what is Christmas? At least for me this is what it became. Have I finally woken up? This seems to be what it has come to, a suicide trip of forcing myself to believe that thousands of pounds spent on presents brings happiness. Items that we don’t really need or want (daft-bath-salts-in-a-nasty-fake-basket-being-a-good-example). Yes, the ghastly basket of hideous bathing salts from Asda bought on Christmas Eve in a panic sits under a tree we cut down that could have lived; after eating a bird that could have walked the planet, for a relative that doesn’t want it!

We all say happy Christmas- don’t make me laugh, who are we kidding! You are in the Matrix, the veil that’s been pulled over your eyes. The lies, the control, the monumental deceit from those puppets that you have been lead to believe are in power that make your Christmas impossible to enjoy.

The real people in power are far too clever to reveal who they are. For if you really knew what they are doing you would rise and say power to the people. The words of John Lennon  who ‘knew’- that had to be silenced. And yet we are so powerful to change it all. The secret has been revealed to me.

There is no future, you are a consciousness able to experience an infinite number of versions of what you could enjoy. My channel has asked me to tell you this. This is an unedited meditation.

“We have revealed the secret to Angus and watch him change his life now with monumental effect. You are a consciousness and able to experience anything as you wish. We and many others are here close to humanity, to raise the vibration of the world and wonder at the revolution and the revelation of the new human consciousness.

It is time. What is the time? You will see that there is no such thing and that all is happening all the time and with this you can learn to shift your consciousness and direct and change your life. Collectively you will change the world, change the Universe. But this is exactly why you are kept in the Matrix so you can’t see it.”

Ok it’s me – Angus I’m back! Deep right? So back to non-reality, the nighmnare of Xmas.

Hey – Fight for what you do want, don’t buy what you don’t. You only have your present, there is no past or future. I enter into the infinite versions of the moment of now. All these things we can be are here now, in the present. If only you open it.

Yours for and in the moment


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