What Is the Time?

I haven’t written a Friday Light for a while but I really have been thinking a lot about ‘reality’. This started with a very strange dream I had this month. And what is a dream anyway? I personally don’t see a difference in dreaming and being awake.

I found myself walking along a street and noticed the cars had no door lines on them, wing mirrors, wheels, lights or markings, just stylish looking white pods. I was told that they drive themselves and they don’t need mirrors or lights and take you there, no sat nav. The car talks to you and comes when you call it like a dog! You arrive whatever the weather and are antigravity propelled and fly through the air. Motorways was word that was not understood. What was a motor anyway? Accidents, were non existent.

You could travel in seconds across continents where you are beamed to another place; cars, planes bikes, trains were not needed but different pods are provided only for the experience to see the planet while in transit. The atoms of the body could be sent somewhere in seconds and off you go! You could be beamed.

Though I was dreaming, I was conscious that my time was 2018 and I had managed to place my consciousness way into the future and that I needed to find out as much as possible. I was with a Chinese looking man but he looked a mix European with a strange accent that sounded like Dutch, English, Asian and American altogether. I asked him what year it was and was told it was further than any time traveller had ever been, which he said would be revealed to us shortly as they do time travel in 2018. It was still a government secret but they had been doing it since the 1970’s.

I was then taken to a museum of human life and there I saw a replica of an office. People were looking in disbelief trying to imagine the hell that we live in 2018. There was a clock on the wall with a voice telling you what it was when you looked it at, saying that time was one of many belief systems, along with something called money that they made people believe in, to keep them controlled.

They were wondering what the boxes where on the tables tables (computers) and the strange plastic items (keyboards) and the strange digits (letters). They were laughing and many were in shock looking at how much of their lives these poor people wasted in these concrete jungles. Communications where based on thought communication. Words were almost defunct, there a was no paper and no offices.

They lived in amazing floating cities with their own biosystems propelled by antigravity technology andthe cities could move as and when they wished. People could choose to live in them and abide by the cities rules run by artificial intelligence or they could choose to live on the planet Earth. I asked what country I was in and he laughed, saying there was no need for a countries, borders or governments as that created segregation, wars and animosity.

The museum had an example of a school. The visitors again were looking in disbelief. They could not understand how much of their children’s lives was wasted only to learn everything indoctrinations and lies.  There was no such thing as education, they simply used intermolecular transfer of data which took a few hours and saved years of schooling. What’s more as time travel is possible so history was not necessary; one just booked a trip to see for yourself.

Everything was clean tidy and orderly, there were no homeless in the streets, cinemas where an experience that attached to your central nervous system and the need for images was not necessary.

There has been a few hundred years of confusion and period of great change that started in 2015, which is when he said, it all changed. He also said there would be a huge event that change history soon that will happen in my life, but could not tell me as is was not protocol to reveal. I think I know what that is anyway!

There are many aliens andtime travellers viviting us in 2018 as over the next 50 years the world will go through enormous change. More than ever in the history of the planet. There are aliens coming to see for themselves and watch the greatest show in the Universe- Planat Earth 2020-2050.

After my dream, of course I see that there is no time. There are an infinite number of possibilities of my life happening right now, there is nothing to wait for my future as its all happening now, there is no past. Everything is happening now. So, I can alter it.

So, you see in order to change my life I only have one thing to do (be in my present positively) as my thoughts and emotions will affect all the lives I am living in all parallels. It’s occurring to me that I can exist everywhere all the time.

How exciting.

What I am talking about is parallel reality. Which means that we can possibly shift. What happened to me in my past is still happening in another parallel reality right now! It’s not past. I am a shifting consciousness that experiences myself in many parraless. All of which I can effect in my present.

Oh man.

And if I change my outlook, I change my past and future now- all of them. Now – everything-  Amen. We are so powerful.

See you in the next shift! Just make it a good one.

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