Relax because it’s all out of control

And so firstly I apologise for the boring picky. But I know it is not at all boring for many of you ! As many of you are seriously into chocolate. Those that aren’t


So serious are some of you about chocolate, that many of you are coming along to the event I started called the London Chocolate Forum.Actually, it’s next week, it’s free, and it’s the biggest chocolate industry networking event and conference in the world! The list above is only 1/2! So if you haven’t got a place, you don’t wanna miss this – trust me- click here and come. See you in the Docklands on the 11thOct 2018. Invite only.

In the meantime I have been busy watching the planet and talking to ever so amenable round-Earth-theorists while reading most im-proper-ganda– (Ganda by the way, in Hindi means ‘messy).

They are laughing at you, yes with Ganda from NASA! Which is, I feel, an abbreviation for Never A Straight Answer. Check out why they rushed to search the bottom of sea at a huge expense for a claimed ‘meteorite’ that crashed into the sea this week. Of course that was no meteorite, we all know that.

Why do they keep lying?

In fact have we ever had a straight answer from Governments or anyone in a position of power? In my last post I wrote about how I managed to predict mother Nature’s incredulous revolution. It’s all change and most people can’t see it coming. It’s now out of control. I say that as it has been controlled. Weather has been controlled for so long but it’s now falling apart. Nature is a formidable oponant

Why does the sun get smaller as it moves out of sight?

And 93,000,000 miles away? (That was indeed a question?)

Why doesn’t the whole horizon stay lit up when the sun goes down? I see a localised light. I am pleased I never went to school and I thank my dead dad and drug addicted mum for that!  Education should be a process of unlearning. I was taught how to be sad. I was born with the skills to be happy. The sun rises, the sun falls.


I know, I know – call me an idiot, stupid, uneducated, but the only the idiot willingly answers the questions with what they think to be correct. The wise question the answers – and the fools! Why is the planet on self-destruct? HAARP, CERN, NIBIRU, GEO-ENGINEERING, HUMAN BEINGS?

Why did the sea recede in Brazil this year only to have major high waves and flooding on the other side of the continent? If you don’t think the planet is on self-destruct then I respect that. Who isn’t talking of the weather phenomena though? I was talking about this years ago – when I had visions of tsunamis and of course they all thought I was mad. Like you do now.

93,000,000 miles.  Sun rise, sunset. You’ve kidding me, right?

But we have been taught not to question. Why did the USA government buy in millions of extra Marshall Law signs recently or millions of extra black boxes (make shift coffins)? Too many people are a problem and less of us is much easier to control. Bad weather, emergencies….  help we need our governments!! Beg beg yes, we do as we are told now; even though you built our houses on coasts, flood plains and at the base of our faults and volcanoes. You knew, you lied you deceived.

You can mess with some of the weather all the time and all the weather some of the time, but you will never control all of it all the time. Nature will win and positions herself to take over.

Out of control, the planet is taking over, thank God! It’s back in control at last.

Ha-ha, I know, yes, mad Angus at it again on Friday but you only have to look into the sky and it’s all there to see! It’s coming. Quite liberating really.

Well that was a little gloomy so thank God for chocolate and reading about it too which you can do most eloquently byclicking here! C U next week I hope.


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