Time to Shift

A number of people have asked me how I managed to write about forthcoming earthquakes and hurricanes years before they happened and wanted me to write again on this subject. Ha yes!  Along with my chocolate conference I must mention that some of you, I know, would really like to attend next month.

Anyway I don’t have a crystal ball but the weather really has changed and I will say I knew this years ago. Look at the ever more farcical disinformation that is being pumped into the system more than ever before to get people off what is actually happening. The planet has shifted and we are experiencing magnetic changes due to vast solar influences of which no one would believe. The planet’s energy is shifting.

Daft news and government invented terms that are acutely meaningless like the two words ‘global warming’ are rife. Anything to divert us off the truth that things are getting serious and we might need to prepare. Or to get us thinking of something else. Something brilliantly mundane and arbitrary, hmm now let me think of the most pointless money wasting mind absorbing activity.  (Brexit) yes that being a more or less perfect example.

Yes focus on Brexit and Trump and dismiss the fact THAT THE PLANET IS GOING THROUGH UNPRECEDENTED CHANGE. Sit back and relax; yes don’t worry it’s just global warming buy an electric car and it will all be fine. It’s human beings fault. No it isn’t! There is something much, much bigger on the horizon.

This is what I see. I don’t mind if you unsubscribe, but I do know what’s going to happen. I’m not going to say everything as it’s unfair because if I am wrong then I have made people worry about things that don’t need worrying about. I’ll leave that job to the government as they specialise in that one as that all they can do.

The hurricanes will get worse, the earthquakes will continue and more and more volcanoes will blow. Many volcanoes that were considered dormant will blow and there will be the coming of Tsunamis. Though the Tsunamis won’t happen till the end of the cycle.

Our planet is changing fast. It’s being effected by solar aspects that most would not believe because they have been educated not to believe anything other than what they are supposed to. Most won’t believe me.

But I didn’t go to school. Read by book and you will see. But by not going to school I have the ability to use skills that where not drummed out of me. Something most humans can do if they forget their education. Education is unlearning- government lies.

We are going to start thinking planetary disruption is the new norm. There will not be single day that doesn’t have a freak weather event. They will get stronger and ever more records in heat and cold, winds, volcanoes quakes storms will all be broken. And yet we will still hang on to the old belief that the impossibles won’t happen, until that is we are sitting on top of our roofs when the floods come or the supermarkets have no food.

Ring of fire, Asia – its already started. Sea levels melting caps, it’s only just begun. Some say that is part of a depopulation programme, and or weather engineering. But I believe that those that were trying to control the weather which they have of course done for years along with everything else, have now lost control of controlling. That’s satisfying.

Power will over time shift naturally from the hand of those in power to nature. It’s already started. It’s all just a question of time. I love it. But the way we think has started changing too.

Bit morbid I agree so to cheer you up see you at The London Chocolate Forum, see picture of the amazing venue, my chocolate event. Still places left to trade visitors from all over the world on the chocolate industry – 11th October, London Docks. Free to attend Sorry (again) sound like an advert but if the planet’s on destruct- let’s eat chocolate!

C U there…

erm planet permitting.

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