The Truth is Out of This World

Ouch this month (Sept 18) hurts a bit. Back on the school runs, the holidays are over, the bills come in (higher than ever) and we see that we just repeated this year, pretty much in the way that we promised we would not do last year!

Well OK in my case; yes OK, I my chocolate book – Bittersweet was published in the USA and I went on T.V. in front of 150 million people and felt for a brief and wonderful moment what it can be like to be free.

In reality there is a matrix of control to keep me subdued to not be me, do my regular job and die. Which I feel I am breaking out of. It’s hard though. But of course it is when you know who created the control system (another story).

But through debt, mind control, diets and the apparent necessity for us to focus on the great negatives, which rather curiously seem to be getting more outrageous by the week; ‘they’ occupy our minds so we are in effect – out of them. Which they have done with great tenacity and skill, for we are out of our minds as someone else is in them.

The rise in apocalyptic films, the obsessive focus on brexit, terrorism, wars and “hate”. And yet we think that’s a coincidence. [Deep sigh]. And now as world war three plan didn’t work and actually, we refuse to hate each other and we can love. We still do not see that we are subjected to program designed to fight each other and be divided.

Fighting wars and winning is easy, try fighting for peace.

While we are divided we do not unite. United we are powerless, much better to have humans focus on illness, wars and hurricanes (created) than of love and helping the odd person in our path. So we live a farcical indoctrination program of necessary division.

One giant lie.

You see the thing is, that no one is really happy but they say they are. Everyone is talking but no one is actually ‘saying’ anything and those in power have been playing the ‘game’, some call it the matrix, for many thousands of years. We were created to serve. I know deep down my soul is out and from another world. Thank God that I (the real me) is out of this world, for it is there that I find the truth. Why when we are in ecstasy do we say it was out of this world? Please take a moment to…


Freedom is knowledge; freedom is working but not giving your work the feeling of hate but knowing that if you are born in a glass jar. You understand why you sometimes touch upon the glass but never seem to see it. Freedom is being able to see through and to understand people’s frustrations. Liberation is helping those that need you. The world is the emotion we give it. We have all been subjected to the most brilliant plans to divide us, everywhere we look, and we even are so programmed that we can walk over a decaying beggar in the street.

Wow deep man, sorry for that! But I woke up last night and wrote on a piece of paper. ‘Just be the “humane” person being.  In the ‘race’ to take back your mind. We are all in the ‘trying-to-be-humane race, the game to be human and to overcome the negative is a battle for the very energies of the conduction of Universe and the future lies here on Earth. We will win with nothing more than the application of love.

OK off to the supermarket to buy bulk food for my daughter who leaves the nest today for University. My baby flies and I am so proud of her and I will shed a tear on the way home after driving her to her University accommodation and saying goodbye with welling eyes. Another Kennedy out there to change the world. God bless her. The greatest achievement is  children that are free.

So change it all and win your race and be human for someone this Friday! Just go and help someone. It is after all what we are deigned to do!

Bless you all let’s smash it!


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