Want to Live the Dream? Start by switching off the phone

I have returned from the USA and had the most refreshing experience!  I have written a new book all about chocolate (published this month in the States) – apologies to those that know already – BUT it seems my life story is quite a captivating one and the book’s taking off. So much so, I have just been interviewed live on over 20 U.S. television stations, enjoyed countless radio and press interviews to an audience of over 50 million people. ‘50 million people-  A dream?

I have met celebrities (pictured here in New York with Monster x with Fox News morning show), been on some of the biggest T.V. networks in the world, and been filming in L.A. with Hallmark TV. at Universal studios with one of their biggest food Channels (click here if you don’t believe me). Yes I was filming at a place where I was a tourist 2 years ago. I have done things that I never thought would ever be possible.

People have congratulated me and said well done, but I haven’t really achieved anything. I haven’t made you any greater.

I’m still just dad with 5 kids from Kent, no better, richer, greater or superior or any different from whom I was before I left for the U.S. The only difference is that people now have a different perception who I am. And because of that, I receive a new and powerful positive energy from them. And that ultimately makes me into what I always planned to be!

If you think about it, I am only what you think I am, right? Belief is the most powerful force in the Universe. I have been forcing myself (my mind) to believe that I am a truly great writer (something my soul knows) and one that WILL change the word. Believe it or not, people are starting to believe it, simply because I forced my mind to believe it by telling it. Takes a few years, but man does it work!.

Cool right. Don’t teach that at college do they?

My mind is actually quite handy when it’s not full of garbage – mainly from my phone, media or a failed education system. But I am changing and using the forces of the Universe. It’s actually quite simple, it’s all about energy and realising what you have tuned into becoming in the past. Which I bet is something that someone else wanted you to be right! ‘Someone’ being a government, system, person or anything but you. Someone is in your charge.

Someone has taken your charge/your energy so you are parked up like an unwanted rental vehicle in an airport car park, doing what is required and wondering why you can’t break free! You have the key; this is what all the self-help books want to say. Most fail.

If I ask you who you are – some of you say, a packaging engineer, or computer programmer, or a professional Tokyo train passenger pusher.  Some will tragically say. I am nothing, I am unemployed; tragic.

Who are you? Switch off the phone and find out.

I used to be a salesman, but then one day I started telling people I was a writer they laughed, but I believed it. I walked away from the T.V. and went into another room and started writing. I became a writer. That was 30 years ago, people laughed at me for 30 years. Take the step as I take mine further into to the unbelievable and unimaginable as I proved was possible just now by going in front of 50 million people.

It will get more outrageous and unbelievable as you follow my story. It has to, so that in the end, many of you will finally believe what you thought was impossible is actually possible and give it a go. That;s a good – or a ‘God’ thing. So therefor it’s has to happen.

So it will. It’s been decided.

Cool hey, see what’s going to happen next! Might take a few months – A person that is patient that believes in themselves is a truly formidable opponent. It’s unstoppable.

Have a great weekend – just in case and if only you can believe it.


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