If it’s beyond our wildest dreams, then how on Earth can we plan it?

If it’s beyond our wildest dreams,

then how on Earth can we plan it?

It’s fast and furious today; my what a week. A forest fire of change has come over my life and business. It feels like I am being battered and turned (yes we really did have a criminal gang steal £30,000 from Kennedy’s (my company) and yes, we were not insured and yes, it’s pretty much unrecoverable and yes, most if not all, the staff in my company have now left after it all happened and yes, yes, yes. It’s like coming off that proverbial shovel at Angus Kennedy so fast I don’t believe it’s a shovel any more!

But yes, I am laughing (just) and blimey those flipping shovels are like, sooo flipping big! Where did God buy them I want one? But I feel curiously refreshed and free today. Sweeping and difficult changes have been dismantling my life plans and hopes systematically this week. Though they have been tough – it’s not about how you go down, it’s not about how you get up either. It’s about whom you choose to be when you raise from it all.

Can you adopt a smile to snake its way across your lips? How has tragedy and hardship manufactured your spirit and sculptured your soul I wonder? What have you become after such difficulties. Well basically I am rebuilding my business and nearly all my money was stolen from me and now it’s about who I was before and who I am now.

And now SOD IT, what we plan we fail, what we fail seems to be planned. If I had succeeded all my life, I will fail and if I fail and get the knocks time and time again, one day I will succeed. So this battering is an essential ingredient to the re-structuring of what was set to be a boring future for me, a life within my dreams, but not beyond them. Every failure is needed to succeed and every success is not valued without it having failed.

Hardships are boring me utterly now. When you feel there is nothing left to learn then you know you will be free. And yes what is freedom? Of course freedom is seeing and understanding that success is as follows: The ability to be happy and chirpy continuously while we are all too pre-occupied with failing at those daft things that we plan! Wecan’t plan or imagine the greatest dreams because they are beyond us. What the hell is going on!

Sorry a bit deep this week and yes I should be talking about Xmas shopping and other suitably dull interuptions  but I had a dark week and I seem to be popping up like a fishing float that popped over a giant waterfall. Bring on change, we call it failure. But acceptance of change is success, for perhaps what is meant for me is beyond my wildest dreams, so yes. Then it was beyond my dreams and if that’s so I therefore never saw it or was able to plan it! Therefor I welcome anything that changes my plans as I am crap at planning anything that is beyond and able to make my wildest dream come true.

Yes of course that’s why! Bingo! I cant plan my wildest dreams because I could never see them while too busy failing what I was planning that I thought would make me happy. Yes what a great week of wisdom accumulation indeed. Success is finding the teachings in failure. It’s all planned ! And perhaps some of us may even to go beyond our dreams, (I pray for you too) if only more of us go down the waterfall and take a deep breath.

Yours unplanned; naturally!


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