The Secret of Living Your Dreams

And so the next volume for Angus Kennedy commences today. Tomorrow I leave for the United States for a one week TV tour from New York to LA to San Francisco to promote a book I wrote (my 8th book); taken up by an American publisher, Apollo in New York – called Bittersweet.

Well you know those bucket lists in life of what we must do before we die? Well I said to myself months ago. ‘Hey, wouldn’t it, be amazing if I could just get onto National T.V. in America with my next book’. Thinking how on Earth can I do that!  That really is impossible!

I made a video in April 2018 months before I knew I got on TV saying that I was going to be on T.V right across America without knowing if I would. Crazy, right? I predicted it and I had no idea if I was going to be on national TV when made the film.

Considering how hard it is to get onto national TV, yet alone for an unheard-of debut Author that got into the literary world with no literary agent. I’m starting to pinch myself as the miracles are starting to happen. Next week I am on Fox News, CBS Today Show, Hallmark Home and Family show, Parade Magazine and I will be at Universal to film in LA too. Oh that’s not including 16 other TV stations.

Yes 16! If this is a dream, don’t wake me up OK. I’m having fun being asleep.

I considered what I said on the video to be impossible then – bit who am I to say that. Was it my mind that thought things were impossible? Who screwed with my mind? But I came out of my mind to make it happen.

Yes at that time an impossible dream, but one I believed in. After I made this curious video, (by the way you can watch it here) to prove it; I went to sleep thinking, ‘Angus why are you such an impossible dreamer? Remember what they said in class, come on! Come back to reality?

Stop doodling, stop drawing, stop dreaming, stop looking out the window, pay attention; remember your Pythagoras theorem eat your mind dumbing fodder. Learn this non-sense Angus as we need you to learn it to confuse you so you are a walking, characterless, lifeless, dreamless, fact remembering, easy-to-control, mechanical, lifeless slave to the system. 

Remember what gave us life.

We are taught the skills to be sad. Born with skills to be happy

Humans are requirements

Yes are you getting it now? The secret. We have been de-robed of our real skill and powers. I rebelled somewhat and kept dreaming (read the book) to the point that my kids roll their eyes and reject my dreams and ideas, like they reject the broccoli at dinner time!

My wife has heard it all. God he’s off again– Angus is dreaming again – let him. She thinks as she plans her escape. I am the only one left now. That’s it! I’m alone;

Me and you?

So the impossible dreamer, the almost broke dad from Kent with 5 kids that put his last beans to grow the beanstalk to ascend to the heavens where the Golden Goose awaits. That’s me. You can still believe in Fairy Tales you know!.

I do or how could they ever happen?


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