Why you should never give up.. especially if you like chocolate!

I kind of always knew this would happen and there have been many times in the past when I thought (this is it!) – you know the big moment in your life is here. But in the past I have failed, and failed again (and at most things!) for most of my life. So much so, my wife walks out the kitchen and the kids roll their eyes when I say, ‘but no really this is it!” But I beleive it’s actually happening – I am currently on the way to being what I dreamed of being.

I am to go on 16 TV stations across America next week, including one of the biggest and yes Apollo Publishers (bless them)  have published my book, Bittersweet. The book is becoming a sensation. already and no one has even read it- it’s crazy! The media is leaping at it as if the book were made out of single origin French chocolate.

Yes next week my book… Bittersweet, is being published in New York next week and I am going out the for the launch in NYC and LA to go on TV right across the country –  A dream even.

“Dad’s off again,” they say to me when I try and tell my kids at dinner, while rejecting their broccoli (again). But I’m on the to becoming one of the most celebrated writers in the USA! But how could you expect anyone to believe that. Me included – and at most times. And actually I am not a success at all yet. But I feel it!

Anyway, I have been dreaming of this moment after years of dreaming wishing and imagining, praying crying, laughing, cursing, waiting, giving up and starting again; here I am again! Back at believing the impossible. I have been at it for 32 years

Then I woke up today to discover my book will to be aired on America’s number one morning T.V show called ‘Today Show’.  A cool 4.51 million viewers and all because, all because we love our chocolate so much? Really! I am also on countless other magazines and radio shows, including Americas biggest magazine -Parade…  a few more million, I lost count. Perhaps it is all a dream?

Well then here’s to not waking up. I am not a rich man, I am not that clever or exceptional, I am not a success or outstanding but what I am is a positive extension of something truly greater than I am. Something we can all be.

It’s when I see this I am free. Free to live and be what we should have always been. Something we should always be. Chocolate and reading (together even) in my opinion, are the fastest way to change your opinion and set yourself free. Especially with my book – Bittersweet!

I thank everyone that helped me even just to get this far I am happy. Tomorrow is another day.


C Ya soon


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