It’s better to think you are a success than to know you are not

It’s better to think you are a success than to know you are not

I have come to the opinion that God now owes me a lot of lovely cash! I am sending her an invoice – special delivery. No, I actually I make this announcement with a good measure of conviction. The ‘act of writing’ for me, right now, is not going to make me an overtly rich man; I carefully choose the words ‘right now’ as writing could bring in the dosh, but not now. The more writers I speak with, the more I realise how many of them are struggling to pay the bills and worse still, their publishers are going bankrupt. It’s a cruel world.

Wealthy people are astute in the way that they possess the ability to change tack until they sail in the right direction across the sea to the treasure that they rightly believe is theirs on the horizon. Hence my announcement this Friday that I believe that God owes me some cash. That goal of treasure awaits me on a special desert island. Treasure awaits so many of us in life, but what many of us do is expect the boat we are sailing will make it. Or worse still, we just sit in the galley with fate at the helm waiting and wondering, but not out on deck watching the horizon, pulling the ropes or testing the wind.

It’s not that I don’t have faith in my writing, not at all; it’s not that I don’t think that you don’t have faith in it either. It’s just that people don’t buy writing do they? You know, not as much as they do dull things, like soap powder and car insurance. A passion should be an enjoyable past time, not a means by which you expect fabulous riches. Often for more passionate you are, as in my case, the more I expected to be famous with my skills. And this morning I have woken up saying Angus you misguided fool. But wisdom doesn’t come easy; it takes many mornings to wake up wise. You have to sail through many storms and bail out of countless sinking ships and land on wrong shores before you find satisfaction.

If you are enjoying passion then you have succeeded. And you know – its better to think you are a success than to know you are not. I am a successful writer, I make people happy. That is in essence what the skill is. A successful doctor makes people better, as does a successful accountant helps people reduce their tax bills. Our services (or our passions) are given in order to help, give pleasure, assurance and hope.

So therefore success is the act of deciding that you are successful, nothing more and how simple that is! What a valueless fool I have been not to see that. Not expecting money is success.

I don’t expect money now through writing so I release myself of the Devil’s card in Tarot where I have been chained to the wall for ½ a life time. I walk free and with this announcement I hoist the sails again and yes of course, I will keep writing- I have to!  I have over 10,000 readers every week. How many authors have that?

I have worked hard now and my success lies in using skills realising that making money is just about accepting what won’t make it. Money, I believe is an energy. Money breeds money as bad things create more bad events. If you are not making money and you believe that you will not, you won’t. If you believe you have treasure you will discover it. You will be the Count of Monte Christo and dive into the waters to see the gold bullion below the aqua seas, only if you can just believe in it.

So dearest Friday Lighters – God owes me and us money! We deserve it. It will come, but I am so happy I rose above by self induced status of absolute fool in having believed in the impossible.

Thank you, all of you for keeping me writing; money or no money, it’s my gift to you.

Did you know that we are more likely to suddenly internal combust than winning the lottery! Just thought I would share that with you for no logical reason.

A vey happy Friday and please – can you send this to a friend (IN NEED OF CASH!) as so many of you did last time. Bon weekend Mes Amis!

Yours, with a curious dose of affection.


PS. Still no house to live in! Family life on the brink of collapse! But stronger shoots grow from collapsed ruins. We will rise above this and I am at the helm and pulling us all above deck, as I know deep down that the riches for us are there on the horizon.

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