Mind How You Go At Christmas

I wrote this Friday Light and thought ‘I can’t send this!’ as they’ll think I am out of my mind. But if you want to change the world, change yourself first right? I was going to bin this and had another post ready. Who’s thought was it to bin this one? That is the question. So I overcame the ‘voice’ to bin this at the last minute and decided to publish; so here it is. Unedited – as it came to me. Strange stuff right? Have a lovely Friday- I leave you with this thought for day – have cool evening and NO SHOPPING OK!

We are living in a endless time-loop of returning to Earth being told we have come here in the body of a human to make good of some bad Karma (whose Karma exactly?), which to me is a con when I see helpless people in a bad way and so much suffering. It went wrong, let’s admit it. I realised that I did not wish to agree to make this return to and contribute to a world of obvious human slavery and debt and be a blind servant to a fake and rather demanding God.

The prisoner that jails another man here thinks he is free, but we all live in this soul trap and I am looking for a way out! Since I revoked my soul contracts (see last weeks post) with the old God that made me (my body), not the one that is the pure source; well I can report that things are changing.

I have no more karmic dept. and will now have no more illness or struggles to have to go through with. Really my dream starts in the present since I claimed my right back as a free spirit and a sovereign soul on Earth. It’s all rather refreshing.

You know that recurring dream where you are trapped and can’t travel, escape and can’t run and so on. Well mine was a consistently travelling to the goal and always going back to the beginning, sounds a bit like human life. Your dreams while asleep lead to those while alive. Even my dreams are changing.

I do not accept to live a life, suffer, be a slave to the system created by a con man and then have my memory wiped so I forget I was duped and do all the crap again, and again.

… And again.

Thousands of times. So much so that there appears to be no end to re-incarnating on this recurring time lapse of a 3 dimensional low density Earth.

We know deep down that life cannot possibly offer freedom, and nor do we have it when we die! The human race is and has been trapped and mind controlled for hundreds of thousands of years – to make us believe in separation when we are one. But who’s thought was it to tell me to bin this Friday Light? One of Unity and Hope?

Was that really my thought, how did it get there? It wasn’t mine! What are those voices then that allow us to hate someone or be angry or not to bother with the good deed. Who places a bad idea? I am my heart and my heart doesn’t do that.

Are bad ideas really ours? Could we all be innocent. Some people are just more controlled to do bad things than others and sacrificed their souls to be evil. They really were fooled!

You see since I revoked my allegiance to serving, I am becoming more aware that what I am thinking and whether my thought is close to my heart and condusive to the repair job on humanity. Cray isn’t it? You see we have all been ‘out of our minds’.

Not in them

Someone else had that pleasure

.. until now.

And we agree to allow this to happen time and time again until humans self-destruct and history is falsely re-written to make us think we were the first to make the mistakes. No! It’s a trap and only one thing will save us. Our thoughts from the heart, not the mind: that is easily controllable. I mean a mere human can hypnotise us, imagine what another more savvy being could do with our minds.

We all keep slaving until one by one, every life, till one day, the bingo moment. We see everything is a 3rd dimensional illusion and deception of control.

But there is a crack in the system forming. We are version two point zero humans, beautifully designed to agree to serve the false God. But there are flaws in the system. Of which I will write about next week!

So in the mean time keep it Light, keep your heart directing and back in your mind- as we been out of them.

The Source Of Soul is who we really are – the message of SOS for Christmas.

Yours obscurely within this frame of my mind

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