Shopping for a Happy Christmas – Sorry not possible!

Definitely the Friday Light feeling today, the kids are placing their Amazon order requests for Christmas; correction, I meant their loving Christmas lists for Santa. Our new kitten goes missing and you know what? I am now wondering whether or not I agree, consent or believe in anyway whatsoever that a soul contract is a good thing at all and whether we were monumentally duped.


Who came up with the soul contract idea? I want a word with them.

Oh my … and just as we were duped into distorting Christmas into a merciless and quite absurd credit-card-busting shopping trip, the same applies to my entire education and drummed-in belief that I need to suffer because of Karma. Need to suffer because of Karma, say that again, “need to suffer?”

Because of our Karma… What! Who says so? Oh yes you must suffer and worry, be a permanently depressed, frustrated, angry, fearful, jealous, media-and-pharma addicted, shopping frenzied techno fuelled robot. Yes anything but experience your sovereign right to pleasure, freedom, ‘humane-ity’, peace, love; the application of courage and your striving in the face of adversity against corruption and. Ha! Above all, your outright refusal to listen to the three most-bored-of yawn inducing media-plugged words of ALL TIME time- EVER OK: Black Friday and Brexit.

Can they just shut up about that nonsense and let us enjoy our run up to Christmas. I mean it’s bad enough already with those dreadful shopping orders while waiting the entire day at home for the delivery of a lousy plastic toy that’s broken on arrival that might just come if we are lucky. Say be delivered to our homes between the most ridiculous-to-stay-around-for-hours of between, say, 5 am and 11pm at night and then they finally ring on the doorbell to deliver. Yes it’s the moment you choose to go to the loo.

I object to Karma, I renounce it herewith. No more contracts for me in this life, future ones and all those past ones too for measure. Hmm could Earth be a soul trap and our souls are duped into signing a false contract of self-elected suffering and slavery to psychopaths in power. No God of mine gives me a contract to suffer and serve a power frenzied idiot.

When actually if we don’t sign up to this pre-birth contractual stuff we might just be a little too powerful so much better to keep humans worried and force them to be so, because they agreed to give every situation the emotion that their souls have now been programmed to provide before arrival.

Never thought of it that way? Well let’s open the mind and see because, keep it closed and you don’t realise you drop too fast and die and hey-ho you come back again into the recurring cycle of a life of repayment and imprisonment. Repayment to whom? Careful what you agree to when you die OK.

Is something clicking? Freedom is the ability to refrain from feeding a situation with the emotion that it needs to manifest itself and therefor keep you trapped within a 3rd dimensional illusion. Fear for example, cannot exist if we stop giving it what it needs – lots scared and worried people. Oh and plenty of films, books, industries, fake wars and outrageous illusions to keep you there aren’t there?


We have created this illusion by agreeing to it. Yes perhaps we agreed through a soul contract to offer negative emotions and remain a mere pawn in the illusion for which we believe to be our reality. But it’s a mere version of a dense vibration we contracted to keep when we are of the highest.


Well it was deep today Friday Lighters. I confess.

I revoked all my soul contracts this week and how curiously free I feel. I have a sovereign right as a soul to be me and I renounce them all herewith. In writing.

Cool thing to do and I’ll report as the weeks go by on the changes that WILL happen to me, that will be as true as the coming, sink holes, Earthquakes, volcanoes and floods with the imminent cleansing of the Earth.

I found the kitten by the way- three days of no food and water and a £600 vet bill later, she was saved! I am happy, I share my happiness- I give it and make it. I now receive it and we manifest it – how cool again. Let’s keep going.

So when I say happy Christmas, I really mean that. Freedom is knowing why you are programmed to be sad, happiness is your power not always to give the emotion you may be contracted to do. That’s a happy Christmas indeed.

They now produce another brilliant, deranged distraction – Shopping for a Happy Christmas. Shopping for a Happy Christmas?

Blimey you did it there- really did get me laughing.

For – all time.

Yours without contract


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