Planet Chocolate from Sept 8th

OK it’s neck and neck but one of them is going to go, I just know it. And what’s more that’s only just the beginning. Many, many more volcanoes and the huge super volcanoes that are 1000 X the strength of the Mt St Helens eruption, will show signs they will blow next year and some of them I predict will. All this, while the media wants us to focus on nuclear war and brexit to the point of insanity and absurd obsession. Which can only mean one thing.

Someone somewhere may not want us to see what is really happening around the world. It should be all eyes on our planet and our skies (try dawn and dusk) and to focus on what is not in the front pages of the papers and TV reels and iphones. And now the latest wave of planetary upsets have begun – Volcanoes.

Mount Agung Volcano in Bali and Ambae on Vanuatu Island in New Zealand are going to blow any minute. By the way one volcano produces more carbon emissions than the whole of the human race has EVER PRODUCED – Amen. So don’t give me that “we made global warming happen because of humans” – because it’s perfect nonsense. You cannot say ‘because of global warming’. It’s a meaningless statement. No, look at the cause of what is not global warming, this is a Global Cleansing. What’s causing it? What’s been hidden?

But these two Volcanoes are just adding to the chorus of giant sinkholes appearing, the worst hurricanes in human history, 1200 people dead in Asia flooding, freak Hailstorms, endless earthquakes, weird tsunamis, what about that that one just of the Belgian Dutch Coast? Oh my the list goes on; our sun setting in a different place, pole shifting, double suns appearing, nemesis, meteors in Russia, the breaking off of a gigantic ice sheet in Western Antarctica. Oh yes and its only just begun. And they think brexit is important.

That’s why they want you to focus on a war that will never happen, because if you really knew what is coming, which your government does. Then you would stop working and get a touch annoyed when you see that your governments have spent trillions on underground bunkers (149 in mid USA) to escape from something.

Amazing what is coming, and they are sure trying their hardest to get our eyes off the sky. Ha and the biggest joke is that they seem to think we are dim enough to want to believe them. Well they are loosing the battle of control of human consciousness. The end for them indeed is nigh. Doesn’t it feel good!

Basically the planet is pole shifting – I mean that literally, and the reason why it’s doing this is something that I won’t disclose because people are not ready to believe it. They can’t, they even think we came from an ape and it just happened that way. Oh God things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

It was foolishly claimed 23rd Sept marked the end of the world. Well it marked the beginning of the end of despotic power and as they loose grip we will see more and more fake terrorist attacks to make us believe we need martial law and protecting. Anything to stop us from believing in who we are and what’s about to happen.

Get ready, the weather is going to get whole lot worse, much worse. This is the tip of the iceberg and we are about to see things that happen on the binary cycle of 3600 years. It’s very exciting. All while the governments and super-rich save themselves and go down their holes to go mad in the bunkers. Yes the end of their world. What a great thought.

And yes a doomsday thought. Sorry – a little deep, but hey I am psychic and I don’t care to admit it. I get messages and what’s the point in not sharing them.

Have a good one and keep your head out of thephone and into the sky.

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