Feeding off the Christmas ‘Present’

As far as my Xmas shopping is going – I have excelled in not buying anything, so I am not sure whether to celebrate my victory or invite a delirious form of pre-Xmas panic. So far, for my Christmas shopping escapades, I have bought a plastic car window ice scraper for £1.99 from Halfords and that’s about it.

I don’t like shopping.

I have been trying to buy a wardrobe too as my mother in law is arriving from France for Christmas. After ordering it and waiting at home for the unreasonable times given, Tesco Direct failed to deliver it. Then after a 3-week banter, I finally got my refund and ordered a new one from another company and. Bingo; yes they forgot to deliver that too! Nice.

Needing to buy daft things now for Xmas at this time is like having to drink pure vodka and bleach (mixed) with a hangover from the office Xmas party the night before. A rather sad and hysterical occasion where everyone drinks AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE as it’s probably one of the only times their boss actually buys a free Pinot Grigio.

In the mean time my plans to change my life around seem to be coming on swimmingly well. I have revoked all karmic soul contracts with my ‘maker’. When I say ‘maker’ I mean the clever one that manipulated my body (the one that literally made the body) – some call it God.

Not my God. This entity most brilliantly made me forget all my past lives. I signed many thousands of soul contracts with him, and therefor was fooled into thinking Karmic debt was a good (God) thing.

Sorry my God would not do such things to guarantee a toturous life. I do not agree to my occupying a body that is only firing on 2 out of 12 cylinders (DNA structures) and where my pineal gland has been deactivated. I didn’t agree to be programmed so I can be controlled by an unwanted negative energy. My soul was fooled into agreeing to return to Earth on such terms and signing the spurious karmic debt contract that does nothing but make human life hell.

My maker, the one that ‘made me’ is no longer my God and herby and herewith in writing – declare to revoke all agreements with this illusionary ‘God’. Amen

My God is my S.O.S. (the source of the soul) that’s, the soul (me) that agreed to inhabit a human body, that is quite manipulated by the ‘maker’ into this inadequate performing body. That’s over. I serve only the creator of love.

Fooled again.

Fooled into thinking Xmas is about shopping. Fooled into thinking education was useful, fooled into believing that we can work our way to freedom. Fooled into believing that our leaders and celebs are real and not cloned. Fooled into thinking cancer and aids and modern illnesses are natural phenomena of the Earth. Fooled into thinking humans are powerless, fooled into believing healthy food is healthy, vaccinations are good, and media tells the truth: duped brilliantly into hating my neighbors so despotic leaders can create false and profitable wars.

Fooled, foiled, foxed, and conned.

What a prize idiot I have been to accept anything at all other than the voice in my heart (my source of soul). Humans have been derailed – what system leaves people on the street to die in the cold and allows corporates to chop down our trees and provide secret cures to incurables only for the ‘connected’? What system keeps secrets of trade-offs with aliens for sample humans and to allow for them to farm for hybrids?

What system hides anything of benefit at all for humanity and keeps it to themselves, like free energy or time travel? And no wonder they are so scared with secrets like hybrid humans in positions of power programmed to instigate ultimate control (new order) and enslavement of the whole of humanity.

Be careful it’s coming unless you wake up.
Fooled, foiled, foxed, and conned.

Fooled, foiled, foxed, and conned.

Yes but I know you will read this and soon return to the magnetic lies in the media, your pointless jobs, the insane Christmas shopping and allow for and contribute to the destruction of the overall process of being humane (you). The race to rescue us and our dreams is planned to be lost forever.

It is the human ‘race’ (the race to wake up).

And who and what will rescue us?

The animal Kingdom will rise up and declare their wisdom, while Mother Nature and Earth has already started the ‘teaching’. It’s too late, the planet begins the cleansing. Volcanoes, hurricanes, Earthquakes have begun; this is only the tip of the iceberg, massive changes are coming.

You are not being informed what’s coming. The planet is going through a major polar shift and the advance of a gigantic magnetic gravitational entity that will change and affect all of life on Earth. It had to happen, we created it.

And I declare – Friday Light is a ‘required non-sense’; so you take what you want to believe in. Soon you wont believe what you see anyway.

Ok back to being the madman that is required of me to be, the pointless shopper feeding on media mind fodder and tuning into non-sense. The difference now is I only am that derailed person on limited doses and make sure I don’t play the idiot’s game long enough to feed the 3rd dimensional illusion.

Tune in – Yours riding on what’s coming. Which is the real Xmas present indeed! That’s all we have in the end- the monumental thought that the present is all we will ever have for Christmas.


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