When All Is Read

There is a beach (Peru I believe) where the surf is so big that you can whisk along on a surfboard for at least a mile, probably much more, along this amazing surf wave (or whatever you call it?).

In 1980–2000 an estimated 70,000 Peruvians died in a civil war in Peru outnumbering the casualties of any other war in modern Peruvian history. A horrible situation – innocent people were shot and massacred every day for 20 years. It was of course well reported in Peru and almost everyone living there didn’t read of the daily horrors living in fear for nearly 20 years.

When it was finally over, soldiers advancing through the country eventually reached the coastline and arrived at this wonderful golden beach and discovered to their surprise a number of surfers having the time of their lives surfing the miles of waves and clearly enjoying and savouring every moment of life.

A community of surfers; internationals, whom, on arriving on this beach in the late 1970’s, decided to live there as it was the perfect spot to exist. They went off grid, meaning no need to buy food and water, they built a small beach hut and lived there without the need to be in touch with the world, for the sole and only reason to surf. That was after all, why they where born- to enjoy life. That’s is why we are all born isn’t it?

Life was fun, as the main reason for their time on the planet was to watch the waves, talk of their wonderful days in the evening around a campfire on the beach and live their dreams! The soldiers were amazed to see a group of people (very much alive and mysteriously healthy) and enjoying life so much.

The troops explained that actually the entire country had been in a civil war and that over 70,000 people had been massacred all around them, to which the surfers replied. “What war?”

I stopped reading the papers years ago. I am happier, much happier. People try to share with me their fears and concerns over whatever they absorb: Brexit or Trump or anything to be scared of (which seems sometimes to be what the media wants) and I say too ‘what problems?’

Ignorance or wisdom? But I don’t need the emotion of fear to live my life successfully.

The media needs me. I don’t need to think about what hasn’t happened yet. I believe there may be a ‘requirement’ for those in power to need us to be scared so we think we need protecting (martial law), or to think we need their false drugs that make us feel worse, all for a man-made illness anyway.

We are lead to believe we can’t live off the land and have to shop in warehouses and buy nectarines for £1 each in supermarkets to feed ourselves (seriously I saw that this week).

We have in 100 years, successfully been manipulated into believing we won’t survive without those in power, everything from food to water, heating, drugs and wellbeing are now out of our control. We have been brainwashed into believing we actually need to be fearful of no-sense.

They even have taken too much control, a few more earthquakes (if that’s possible), volcanoes and floods; and then the food runs out and we don’t know what to do.

This story comes at a poignant time. I have been working hard to watch the weather patterns as I know what’s coming. Read the papers and you could remain ignorant by feeding off the carefully designed mind fodder to steer you from the truth. Media is a manipulation program.

Wake up:, look at the biggest storm in Polish history this week, the largest number of earthquakes in history happening all over the world. Parts of Southern Europe have now become geographically unstable, melting icecaps, melting roads in Yellowstone National park – the worst floods in history in Asia, disappearing sea in Eastern South America and rising sea level and freak waves in Western Africa, pole shift signs are everywhere! Huge meteors, heat wave (Lucifer)

The list goes on more than I could write for all the days I have lived. And yet how long will it be before people finally get it. Well you can read the papers today and read all about the fake threat of war and fake enemies and whether Wayne Rooney has another flippin’ baby (WHO BLOODY CARES!)

1000’s of people are dying each month from freak weather and quakes and it’s just the beginning – and we have to read about a footballers baby. Insane.

Wake up rise above it, it’s false, ignore it and get to your energy where the truth is as the only the truth will now save your life.

They can lie and try to convince some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time. But never all the people all the time (Churchill). It applies now more than ever.

Yours very ‘truly’,

Watching the ‘red’ coming from the Sky

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