Any Dream Will Do

In the last three days – I have been to China and been one of the first people to try the new Ruby Chocolate and on the day I walked in through customs at London Heathrow after a gruelling 12-hour flight; instead of going home, I was diverted to London.

Yes on a mission to do 2 live television interviews, go on the UK national Ten ‘O Clock news and then I was on 43 radio stations around the world. I had no idea all this would happen. I never once thought that I would be on page three of The Sun newspaper either. Chocolate is powerful stuff!

So the world is a curious place that humans play a game. A game by which we create the people that we want to exist. Like there being a world’s leading chocolate taster – something I seem to have become. And in the end, you go along with it, and you play the game, because you are good at playing games. You don’t have huge skill or knowledge but you know the rules and you know how it’s played.

And that, along with trying to stop our sausage dog eat our new kitten because the new kitten gets the hugs from the kids and not the sausage dog that is now very very jealous, seem to have been the highlights of the week.

I have been quite busy – yes very busy and also seem to have endured a stomach virus for 6 weeks, so lost 4KG. Ironically which made me able to eat so much more chocolate. You give in and.

You win.

I believe that my life is about to change forever- in the not to distant future anyway. No, I mean good changes at last, what I deserve, what I imagine and what I believe will happen. I will be in the very place of my dreams that I have imagined for so long (like the picture!).

A place where I can finally be something of worth to another person – a hope, an inspiration, a reason to not worry about anything because life can suck and is so unfair (if you think so). Everything at last may finally be working out after a monumentally long time for me. And what a new experience this is!

But the enjoyment is the experience of producing happiness when failing while trying to be a success. As if you are happy with failure, ironically you succeeded.

I apologise for the sort post, a miracle indeed it is to have managed to get this out to you after landing from Shanghai and working without sleep almost for 36 hours and helping my poor wife stop sausage dog eating cat. Oh and guarding with my life the only samples of Ruby chocolate that exist in the UK!

And yet even though I am lighter, had no sleep and am being interviewed every two hours, I still don’t feel tired. Could there be an energy available for us that is released when we are finally living the dream? There is! I know there is. I should be in a clapped out wreck in the living room marooned on the couch (while the sausage finally gets on with the impoortant job of relieving humans from the new cat).

And therefor there is hope for us all, in knowing that tiredness is boredom and displacement. It is a result of the soul being misplaced against its reason to be. The world is yours and it’s mine to prove it. A dream indeed – keep dreaming; never stop. One day the dream might never go away for us all.

Keep saying it’s getting better every day (even when you know it’s not). Once, once a day, keep saying it, and the world will be yours.

Hey Pictured.. Me being the chocolate taster with Lucy Walton ITV national news . Champagne- chocolate, Live television, dreams don’t get better than that, or do they! 🙂 WE can only wait for the unexpected.

Here’s the link to a little proof that we can get what we imagine is possible.

Yours with infinite possibility.


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