About Time for the Weakened

Have a quick read of this simple and I admit, rather dull paragraph I wrote.

“Take a look at your watch for it’s time for the weekend and walk away from the one in charge and take a break. Throw down the uniform, your collar and neck tie, not work the job title and say hello to a possible permanent break!”

Sounds great right. Or does it? You are giving away your power by allowing yourself to be branded by such language. Bet you thought nothing of that small unobtrusive paragraph? Well let me re-write it for you.

Take a look at your watch (the one that watches over you) for it’s time (tie-me) i.e. the one that ties you down. For the weekend (the weakened) – its’ ‘time’ for the weakened.

And walk away from the one in charge (the one that holds the charge of the vibrational control of your energy). And take a break (the weakened have broken).

Throw down the uniform (uni, meaning one plus form) – insinuating there is only one way you are allowed to be.

Your collar (slaves wear collars -you are owned). Your neck tie (oh and then tied from the neck for good measure). The job title (tie and tell).

And say hello (hell, low) falling into the lowest point in hell. To the one (you) that’s taking a permanent break ‘break’. In hell. You’re broken.

It’s written wherever you look. I refuse to speak the language for it’s designed brilliantly to make you feel the slave you have been made into.

So now, throw down the mind control shackles, don’t speak these words in your head – it’s written in every singly word in our language and it’s time to stop.

Nothing has changed


In war the powerful make slaves of the weak and in peace, the rich make slaves of the poor. You are all slaves. And have given away your energy, independence and free will. This really is the human (humane) race to be human again.

Power to the people, John Lennon, mysteriously is playing while I write? Now its playing Mind Games! Spooky come on! He knew too, that’s why he was shot. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Say no to being ‘weakened’. Make the day into your slave not become a slave of your day.

Simple right.

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