And what if you had five years? No I mean that. Imagine us together sitting at the coffee table and I am pleading with you from my heart, I am not holding back; I’m not joking or messing around any more.

What if you really only had 5 years left to live? I know the answer lies there right from your heart. What if most of us had five years left?

Not five minutes, 5 weeks or months, but a decent amount of time to learn a skill, make a difference, find, discover, learn and do and be something for you that really is you and sends the positive vibration of your true self to eternity.

What would you do? Think about it. How powerful it is to imagine; just five years. It’s not long but it’s long enough.

The horizon speaks, it’s written in the sky -hidden from the papers.

Now then, let me see. Would you carry on studying, continue applying for that lousy job, would you still take the kids to school and choose not to see them every day while they learned to fit in with the ghastly corporate agenda?

Would you stay in the same toxic relationship because, yes, you can leave all that till tomorrow. Yes it can all wait – we have a whole lifetime to get it right don’t we?

When returning home tonight, take time out – just pop the question. For at that point, at last you have asked your soul, the true eternal commander at the helm of your human form.

So what is it? Save up more for the dream car? Work another two years for the non-existent promotion to make whom you work for even richer?

Do you still choose to slave for the day or will you finally make the day your slave.

Would you really slog away for another five years to buy the flat that you will never afford?

5 years is just enough time to live the dream. You can achieve almost anything, even being you. Well if you think about it.

Uncharacteristically short message folks but I believe, eventfully it will be discovered to be; one of my most poignant messages to date.

JUST DO IT. And may God give you the strength!

OK off to see what vegetables my five your old bought home from his vegetable patch at school. The best and most important day of the month.

See you in 5 – hmmm it has true meaning at last.

Yours within the orbit

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