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And now since 30th May (my birthday) I am a ‘trial pescatarian’ after 50 years of being a happy meat eater. I do want to live longer. I did plan it, it wasn’t a whim; I decided 6 months ago that I would give it a go for a 3 month period. So it’s day 3.

I just don’t believe in cutting down forests to grow animal feed, to then go and feed animals so we can eat them. That’s nuts. I am a bit uncomfortable with the way animal’s lives are taken. And feeding cattle (who are vegetarians) with animal proteins doesn’t seem right either. Nor does feeding animals with hormones, antibiotics and anything to make them bigger, grow quicker, be more tender, have fatter livers, tastier or disease free.

Don’t worry I wont rant. But some hamburgers contain the meat of over 100 different cattle. So I’m out and in one year I personally will have saved the lives of 100 animals. Since I started 3 days ago, I saved the life of one animal. Cool- I feel positive about that.

But also (Ha! As many of you know) I am very sceptical now over everything I eat, read and consume in general. Including sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, fluoride, fats, colours; you name it. It all takes time off our lives as our bodies fight to extract it all.

How was it that in 1677 a Chinese Sage called Li Ching-Yuen was born and didn’t die until 1933! Look it up. OK some say he was born in 1736 but even then, that would make him 197 years old instead of the 256. Either age, it’s a lot longer than the oldest person in modern times of a French woman, Jeanne Calment who lived 122 years.

Our Chinese Sage friend had no comforts like we think we have. He lived in the mountains, ate nothing but Chinese herbs and rice wine. He spent his life studying them and the control of his mind. I thought 200 years old was a lot. Well he apparently encountered an older hermit (his teacher) in the hills claimed to be over 500 years old, who taught the Sage a process called Baguazhang and Qigong; sort of breathing, coordinated with specific sounds and diet.

So my body is now full of toxins, I know it is. I want to be connected with my body. But is has been poisoned for so long it can’t ‘connect’ as my pineal gland has been de-activated. But it’s not too late.

Diet is all nothing when we look at the mind fodder we are fed with since the very first day we started school to believing the importance of a lousy job and reading the daily and total trash and lies in the media.

We have lost touch with Mother Earth and her natural cures and made illegal known cures like cannabis. We are brilliantly dependant on the giant drug companies who seem to have been part of creating the illnesses only to sell a cure that won’t work when they know the real cures exist. Illnesses are industries, Chemotherapy kills. Why has not one in the British Royal Family ever died of cancer? Why is Cannibis illegal? Cancer is handy to the elite as it keeps the population down, so is aids and Ebola; none of these were created by mother Earth.

Keep asking the questions and they lead to more -set your self free. Knowledge is freedom, using it is wisdom. You will only ever be free from whom you were yesterday.

Ok not easy switching. Last night we had a delish curry and I was looking at this chicken tandoori dish thinking I could really really eat that. I didn’t. I also cooked a BBQ prodding succulent pieces of chicken and tasty sausages and as I cooked them them over the coals – man my mouth watered! I held back and my veggie burger filled me up Amen. Curiously I didn’t have that BBQ high fat hit feeling or the indigestion I sometimes have after the chicken curry.

I have stopped the aspartame, (should have been banned) and recently I was really thirsty and my wife handed me a can of sugar fee, caffeine free coke (I stopped caffeine a long time ago too). As I drank it I felt my stomach burn up, it was like liquid metal. I could feel a kind of poison.

I am breaking free; my pineal gland is firing up, no more media, no more nonsense, no more junk food, and no more cruelty to animals. OK I am still stuck with 2-helix DNA structure -but well fair enough we all are -what do we expect? After it was ‘altered’ 3500 tears ago to take us out of the ‘power’ and make us into slaves. But not for long.

The light of Niburu will bring its return.

Oh yes, Oh my God. It’s coming -the great star. The star of Light. That’s another Friday Light. Ha! The lightest ever. So Light you won’t have to read anything, do any thing; try anything. There will be no choices, it will happen. What a revelation. I am so excited to be alive in 2017. One day that 12 structured DNA human being will live. It’s coming and I can’t wait.

Why are the US government building 147 bunkers six miles deep (inland). WHY? Why are we lied to so much about the truth? You are living the ‘illusion created’. It’s time to wake up.

Humans have been in a 3500 year deep sleep. And many are waking up. Love it!

Yours, while being on the way to being an original human


PS It comes as no surprise that Niburu (also known as Planet X or the Dwarf Planet) is not recognised by spell checker. Of course it isn’t. Just about every NASA scientist says nothing about it too. Governments are hushed, most media do the same. Of course they do! How else would they convince us to build their bunkers? Who wins in the end? Actually we do, you and me and I know that and that’s why I am here. Enjoy the changes, for they are coming.

PSS. Sorry to be so cryptical this week. It’s just if I told you what was really going on in one go- bang. You would really think I was mad. I know you think that already so let’s keep it at that level for the time being. But some of you ‘know’ already.

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