‘Stay Tuned’ There’s more to that statement than you think

I don’t know if any of you have looked into this, but I was wondering why concert pitch, the note of the musical note of ‘A’ was re-tuned to 440 hz from 432hz as it was previously. Lots of people believe that it was a bad thing to do and that the original pitch was in tune with the ‘vibration of the Earth’.

So I looked a bit further into it and saw that there are thousands of people arguing online about it; some saying it was a deliberate attempt to make us aggressive (apparently 440hz causes us to be more edgy). Others say it’s nonsense. Well we certainly seem to like war at the moment.

Well I never like to believe anything unless I see it for myself (like I can plainly see the chemtrails in the sky). So when I arrived at my hotel at ISM last month in Germany, I shut the door, put my headphones on and listened constantly to a Utube production of the sound of 434hz. Which I thought was a whacky thing to do and beat going to the Hotel bar on my own.

So for 8 hours solid I tuned into this curious vibration of music; and if you look at cymatics (how sound creates physical structures), 432hz makes a much nicer pattern. In fact it makes an amazing pattern compared to the rather dull 440hz. Anyway I put on my cheap Asda headphones and fell asleep listening to this frequency, wondering rather stupidly, if my bad facet joint in my shoulder would be miraculously healed when I woke up or some other impossible miracle.

So I woke up and guess what! Well I felt entirely the same as I did before I tried it. But then gradually through the day as I attended the ISM show in Cologne in Germany, I lost my voice completely, which is a bit of a problem when you are visiting people at a trade show.

Co-incidence? Was my voice being re-tuned in some mysterious way? I actually felt fine, just had to be silent for the first time in my life and at a trade show. So bad was this condition that I had to cancel my trip and come home a day or two early (stopping at Carrefour in Calais of course, to buy a hefty supply if snails French cheeses and wine).

My voice vanished for five days, so acute was my condition that my 5-year-old son offered his services and helped me look for it (especially under the couch) and generally around the house. But even today my voice still sounds different to me, co-incidence? Well I didn’t stop so continued to tune into this vibration more hoping to loose something that would be much more beneficial to mankind; like my mind for example.

Anyway anything is better than TV and the blatant lies in the media. So I listened to it again and the next time, possibly another co-incidence but I was appalled at the fact that I eat red meat. So in the blink of an eye and after 52 years, I stopped eating red meat overnight.

I wonder what will happen the next time. I don’t say that this frequency is right or wrong or does anything. But I, as a human, I have a right to tune into the sounds that I wish to and tune out of what I don’t. I mean there’s music all the time, even in toilets? Why would I need to listen to music while going to the toilet? All music produced my humans and not mother Earth.

I never enjoyed music that much; I just didn’t like the sound of it. Perhaps it was the wrong personal frequency? I never really thought of it like that. I never listen to the radio much and don’t listen to music, which I always thought was a bit odd. But that makes sense to me now. There is music that is heard deep in the forests that is far more beautiful; always.

I am changing, or perhaps I changed before and then decided to re-tune myself? Perhaps I have decided eating meat is wrong co-incidentally. But after eating it for 52 years it’s quite a sudden change. By my birthday I will cut out all meat from my diet and (fluoridated water) look it up. That’s why my pineal gland may mot work. I want that back!

I have bought a fluoride testing kit so I am going to test the water at home and in the office. It’s a grotesque cancer inducing, pineal gland destructing poison that is proven not to help your teeth in any way what so ever. It’s added into all US drinking water and a lot of our water in the UK. WHY? Look it up.

I am changing all the time. I won’t accept what is given any more in any dosage; perhaps I am getting old and less tolerant? Some would say that, they would, but I’ve been duped into believing what was good for my body, that I see isn’t. So I question it all: manufactured foods (look up Monsanto’s Round Up), the air I breathe (Chemtrails), the music I listen to (look up 440 versus 432), the vaccines I didn’t give my kids (look up forced vaccinations in California and the rising rate of Autism).

Oh yes the list is as long as a walk from one end of the planet to the other. Off grid; heard of that? Look up why your birth certificate is in capital letters and by having one you agreed to a contract with those in power. You are worth a lot of money you know.

Well it took them a few thousand years to enslave us. But everything is designed to make you agree and not act.

Here’s to a silent weekend, switch off the phone, unplug the TV, tune out and by doing so, you tune-in. The real music resonates from the center of the Earth.

Stay tuned till next week!


PS. Next week I submit my next book to a US publisher, hence there have been in the past, less Friday Lights.

PSS. No surprise my Mac dictionary didn’t recognize the word Chemtrails. It now knows better I am happy to report.

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