It’s time to laugh- now you’re really having a laugh!

My last posts have been a bit heavy, you know talking about how the twin towers fell at 10.7 seconds, (the speed of a freefalling golf ball), why did no one find either of the two black boxes and why didn’t they find a single piece of a 6 tonne rolls Royce engine on the Pentagon crash site? And why is it called the Pentagon when the same imagery is used in secret societies along with single eyes, triangles and blimey; delve too deep you die. The wise keep quiet. click here to catch up! on my far too serious post from last week

My life is about raising the positive energy of the planet, you know, making people more positive about things, which is the way to freedom. And well, I have been finding out a little too much about how we are deceived and that made me feel angry and I needed to laugh. Especially now Christmas is over and we are all utterly broke! Laugh Mr K! But how the hell are you going to make yourself laugh let alone Friday Lighters, now you’re having a laugh!

But then I realised that Friday Light itself was founded on making us laugh and to feel a bit happier than if you hadn’t read it. So I wanted to get back to basics again for the first post of 2017; laughter.

How will I make them laugh, I thought, when I am feeling such a miserable drone? And then out of the blue a friend sent me this link. It was of Mitsubishi in the USA trying to make a commercial on an ice ring and this giant fluffy teddy bear kept falling over (you can sense the human inside the suit) getting really annoyed which of course made the video extra appealing! And I can tell you that I was not in the mood for laughing much either when I laughed at this – and videos never make me laugh. But this did!

This unofficial video that they released of how making their commercial went so wrong, it’s reported had more views than the actual commercial they made! Is that just very clever indeed? Well planned or unplanned it was worth watching. So come on – it’s Friday. Let’s not get too heavy and stay Light on Friday – have a laugh – have a look at the full video!
Watch stupid bear video here

That’s it – that’s all I wanted to do ! To make you laugh and giggle a bit, or at least smile. So let’s keep that smile over the weekend. Let’s not get upset about anything cos it ain’t worth it. Don’t allow the negatives and keep it Light.

Have a great happy 2017 and I hope this rather short massively simple post helps you kick of with the 1st weekend in 2017 with a smile on your face.

Till next week

Yours unconventionally with self-induced happiness!

Ps if you are not laughing – that photo was me and Sophie on New Year’s Eve. Me in my ‘other life’ as Jesus. Now that really was funny. I had Flu on the night and self-healed myself in one go. The Champagne helped! Have a lovely New year – blessings my children!


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