Throw away the mask and make your Christmas fly!

I haven’t read the newspapers (deliberately), I switch the radio off when I commute to work and tune into ‘secret knowledge media’ with my iphone before it’s censored out and, well, you wouldn’t believe what I read now. No, you really wouldn’t!

I haven’t tuned into the news for some time now (actually for several years). I am aware that there is a lot of negative ‘stuff’ going on in the media; there never hasn’t been; it will always be there for as long as we choose to read it. Ever since the first major lie created by those in real power (look at the triangle on the dollar bill and that’s a good start).

Go back to what really happened in Egyptian times when humans were enslaved or how our DNA structure was altered after the Golden Ages of Atlantis to be slaves to the ‘Gods’. Then discover who the Gods really are! Look at the symbols and the imagery in today’s music. See the single eye amid the triangles and thumb and little finger hand signals, look at who is now dead and then see what they said before they mysteriously died.

Or what about the French Revolution, when those in ‘power’ bought all the grain off the markets to starve the people, and create an amazingly effective hate campaign against the Royal Family. Today is no different, Twin Towers, Isis, Terrorist attacks, the war on non-existent terror, the lies are everywhere you look.

Come on wake up! You can’t hide the truth. Human consciousness is rising, and wow how exciting it is! How terrifying that must be for ‘power held’. The truth is leaking out and our personalities are becoming more ‘problematical’, and this is the first time in human history that things really can change as we move out of centuries of mind control for so long.

In my view the media is set on feeding us with deliberate attempts to make us live in a required ‘fear’. An energy that encapsulates the mind and helps to control it and subsequently conditions it to keep us stuck on the lower level of 3rd degree consciousness, a necessary requirement by those in power.

Yes all so we don’t move into our power! Which is astronomically powerful as the true power for humanity is beyond our belief. Well not all of us anyway. And now interestingly is the time at Christmas when we start to switch off the TV, stop reading the hate and terror shite in the press and be with what matters; our families (loving people and caring about them) without interruption of the iPhones or what ever else there is designed to keep us in a Zombie state of 3rd degree fear consciousness.

There never was a twin towers terrorist attack or weapons of mass destruction. There is no terror; it’s created (both sides of the wars) by the 13-bloodline families claiming to fight it. There was never a reason to bomb Syria, Saddam Hessian hated terrorists he used to kill them instantly, Osama Bin Laden was created to make us believe to go and fight another pointless war! They are trying to make us hate the Middle East. Don’t listen. Everything we see everywhere is designed for us to hate, be prejudice, and to support war. Wars make money and for those is real power, they fund both sides.

My, what a battle there is going on behind the scenes. It takes some time to see it, and when you do read and study and tune in to the truth, it’s amazing and utterly mind-blowing. You see that everything from the food we eat, to what we are made to think, are all part of the ‘plan’ to subdue us from moving into our power that awaits us all.

I don’t feel a victim of a distorted humanity any more. We are all slaves to the system but it was meant to be. It’s the ‘story written’, what we have to evolve from. The present will soon be the past. The greatest ever ascension in the history of the Universe, is all here in this tiny planet among billions of other life forms in other galaxies all far more intelligent than us. But many without love.

Everything you have been taught is mainly untrue. I haven’t written much for Friday Light recently as I have been studying every night (well shopping for rubbish also for Christmas too, another daft thing that isn’t what Christmas is about!), but I feel liberated to see that it was all meant to be.

The evil realms in power have to convince and turn 9 billion people against each other in the world. You can’t beat the light of 9 billion people moving into their reason to be alive; to love, to be and to become.

Heavy yeah! But I am so pleased that so many of you will switch off for Xmas, don’t believe what you read and hear ever, I know, I am in publishing. God bless you all for Xmas and for being with what matters, fulfilling the will of the creator of love. A magnificent Arena staged for ascension and one I believe we will overcome, that’s why we are all hear at this time. Good isn’t it!

Yours somewhat bravely, many that write like this are now dead!

I wish you a liberated Christmas!


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