An unhappy approach to be happy, makes me happier!

Well the man who is classified as the happiest man in the world, is, apparently, not very happy about it! Which in turn, on hearing this, subsequently made me considerably happier than I was, before I read it. Well the real story is that of a monk who left his quiet retreat to preach about happiness and share it. He agreed to some brain tests, which showed that his area of ‘happiness’ in the brain set a world new record for brain activity (in the happiness section). I’m still trying to locate my area!

So he is officially the happiest man in the world, which you and I would have thought would make him happier to learn. Or perhaps he just reached a happiness saturation point and there was room for no more happiness! Well it cheered me up somewhat to hear that he’s human after all, something actually annoyed him! Result!

And of the subject of brains, they have learned more about the human brain in the last ten years, than they have in the entire time that we have been on the planet. And my brain, incidentally, has been filling up with so much flipping data that there isn’t really any room for happiness – too bad. Full up with shite – sorry chaps. Nothing to be too happy about there.

But we only give situations happiness. So I guess all that man did was give everything happiness instead of thinking that something made him happy. Blimey that’s easy if you live in a monastery without talking to anyone. Try being so perky in Maidstone High Street, when you live in the South East of the UK, now officially and probably the unhappiest place to live and officially is the 5th most populated area in the world.

But yes I have been reading this month; yes I actually managed to read! Reason being that I have just returned from a chocolate conference in Switzerland (pictured coming home) where I was writing and making films, one of which I interviewed 1-2-1 Sir Bob Geldof. I will provide the link shorty but not yet, as there is a problem as my name isn’t on the video yet, so there is no way I am going to promote it to my 13,000 Friday Lighters!

Now I have interviewed Sir Bob Geldof and got to talk to him, I only confirmed one of the Maxims I wrote a few years ago. Famous people spend the beginning of their careers loving and gaining attention from people in search of happiness and then once they have fame, many of them then spend the rest of their lives trying to avoid the people that made them famous.

So a busy week indeed and good to be home and back in the UK, back to aggressive people, road ragers, Poundland shops where things that are worth .10p seem to cost a pound. Yes back home where we are soon to decide which country we belong to. It’s all eyes on the UK. But I don’t want to be even more unhappy just yet, so not going to think of politics or trying to follow my country in football either. I am actually trying to be happy come on!

It’s back to my kids after not seeing them for week and a desperate squeaking sausage dog, so long, her body wags, not the tail when I see her. She is so happy to see me, the rest are on the x boxes and appointments with boyfriends are it’s a ‘hi dad glad your back, I need some money’. But my four your old is happy and the dog is happy when I return. There are always a few gems left.

HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND – hopefully made slightly happier now at least with my unhappy approach to being happy!

Yours Angus

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