We Found Our Pet Tortoise – 1 year later!

Remember this little creature! WE FOUND HER! O.K. new Friday Lighters, you are going to (quite rightly) think ‘what the hell is he on about now?’ But one year ago I wrote extensively, probably far too much, about loosing Belle, our dear little pet tortoise, who, being a baby, one year ago crawled through a tiny gap in the rabbit pen and duly escaped. George, my 9 year-old son, cried hugely at her loss, it was a terrible day, Belle the tortoise was his big thing, his world. ‘Georges’ tortoise’, the two words were inseparable in the Kennedy household.

It was a big garden too and there I was, on my hands and knees telling my son, ‘don’t worry son we will find him and I scraped every inch of the soil and I never gave up looking. I don’t know, but we do these things, dads can do anything right! Even find a tiny tortoise smaller than an orange in a huge overgrown garden with hardly any fence. We will do anything for our kids and wont accept we cant. Mad right!.

My wife was convinced Belle was eaten by the wild local urban fox, (see next week’s post) that is fast becoming a Kennedy’s pet too. Much to the strong disapproval of our sausage dog who always has first right to the scraps! I was feeding the urban fox, by the way, sausages by hand (while my son covered her eyes with a jumper) last night when we had a B B Q. Ha! I placed doggy worming tablets inside the sausage that I then fed to the fox! So when pet sausage dog then rolls in the foxes ‘waste’ to smell nice and comes back in and all the kids kiss her; we don’t need to de-worm every flipping month! What a result Mr. Kennedy! A result! No more tummy aches for years! We de-wormed the fox!!! Double whammy.

So we found Belle. You should have heard the screams coming from the garden from all the kids. We found Belle, dad come on!!!” A wonderful chorus and moment too, and there she was in my daughter’s hands, the tiny baby tortoise that had crawled under the garage a year ago in the winter and emerged last weekend wondering what all this human fuss was about! Never give up on anything right, just never give up. You will acheive anything.

I said my luck was changing and it really is. We honestly thought she was dead and this was in the same week that poor George accepted defeat as his latest Christmas present, a leopard Gecko (replacement for tortoise), was re-homed. His room smelled like the topical temperature controlled insect house in London Zoo. Yes and with live bugs crawling all over his room. So the week he lost his Gecko his tortoise came back. Isn’t that wonderful.

So I have to say it, but today I am feeling defiantly lucky, happy and curiously contempt. I am off to buy a lottery ticket too as Friday 13th really is my lucky number. Did you know that Friday 13th is considered, contrary to Western beliefs, the luckiest number on the charts. So let’s make it so.

So luck would have it that I made 13 my lucky number. Luck would have it that I can make any number my lucky number! Say 3 or 9 for instance. Why I said 3 or 9 was totally random and not connected at all. I just thought it might make you laugh knowing that I chose 3 and 9 for no good reason what so ever.

It’s lucky, its sunny, it’s just brilliant to be alive seeing what matter time and time again: kid’s lives unraveling, rescued pets, laughter and a positively brilliant infectiously lucky and good Friday. PS two sponsors just agreed to support the London Chocolate Forum today and two stands Thank you! I know you are reading – Thank you so much – it’s just a great day. Thank you everyone and let me share my light-filled infectious energy.

I am on my way to buy my lottery ticket !
Yours always

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