It’s when you ask for underpants for your birthday- you know you’re over 50!

Yes I know I am just as surprised as you are; a Friday Light on a Monday? How most inconvenient for us all. But Friday and for the last three Fridays in May, I was so supremely busy. Yes I really have been amazed at the success my chocolate conference that I have been working on – flat out. It’s very rewarding when people really want to buy what you create. But yes, like many of you, I am sure; I just couldn’t get away to do what I was born to do. In my case, to write to you.

There is a reason why I write today. I celebrate the day I came to Earth today on the 30th May 1964 to achieve those things I agreed to do before I came here. We are born with all the skills we need to get it right, but sadly there things called humans that teach us the most brilliant skills to get it all wrong. And what of teaching? I remember only what I discover within myself. I forget what I am taught. It’s all in there inside, written for us. Everything is perfect; all you need to do is ‘remember’.

Indeed today marks a rather mildly and unexciting occasion of me being a little further over 50. I know, because the first thing on my birthday list was a flipping pair of underpants! How sad is that? And my daughter is now saying to me. “Dad you would look great if you just dyed those grey bits at the sides you know.”

I pretend not to listen. She saw this video of me here at a Chocovision conference from three years ago; I was a lot less grey! Perhaps she is right? Or is that cheating? Men don’t do that sort of thing like dying their hair. Or perhaps we are not making the effort? But what’s the point in trying to look 40 when I am not? Seems utterly pointless. If all else fails try the truth.

I went for a swim this week, (still getting my left knee back in shape after the operation) and a came across a very nice lady on crutches that dropped her towel on the floor and was struggling to pick it up, to which I duly assisted. We got talking. What for her was supposed to be a standard operation to the back of her wrist; she woke up paralyzed. She hasn’t been able to walk since. And here I am pondering over age, going grey and accusing myself of being boring because I asked for underpants my birthday! Angus you sad “………”. (You choose the word here).

Well it makes it even more of a miracle if I do land that T.V. contract that I am working on and have been for the last 20 years. I am fifty plus, going grey, I am starting to forget the minor details and I need reading glasses to understand the menu when my wife and I go out for dinner. I have to ask her to read it for me because (again) I forgot my glasses! Oh my God, I am starting to rely on other people’s eyes and memories. Well not for that long. I only inhabit this body temporarily and will get a nice new one anyway. Nothing is ever final.

I leave now to go and open my presents! Ha! Perhaps my family refused to buy them for me and decided it really was too boring; we will soon see! Yes till next week’s episode folkes, ‘Did Angus get the underpants?’ What on Earth could possess more ridicule to entice you so brilliantly to read next week!

But I will celebrate never-hiding-who-we-really-are today as that is all our creator asks of us. So simple.

So simple to make it hard and so hard to see it’s so simple!

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Yours unforgettably, I hope!

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