If you really enjoy something then its better not to read about it.

It’s nothing new to report that food products are shrinking, sadly it appears that it’s nothing new to report that the chocolate industry (one company in particular) did receive the lions share of attention for this and plenty of other adverse publicity thrown in for what I would only describe as ‘for the heck of it’. I have just read a Daily Mail article from last year when ‘shrinkflation’ was a rage and many others and out of the whole food industry, where countless food products are now smaller than last year, from tuna fish to tea bags for the same price; their online article went for, you got it, Cadbury.

I don’t know about you but I think we know now that the U.K. press seems to have been going somewhat out of their way to find any fault within the Cadbury Mondelez camp. So if an article is about: a change in product recipe (we all can do it), change in packing (happens all the time or products don’t sell), shrinking products (Birds Eye Beefburgers are -25% that’s massive!). It’s all eyes on Mondelez. I find this rather curious and after a long time of the nationals and T.V. asking me to comment on such matters, I think that now the tide is turning. It’s not justified. But the press can be a convincing machine.

Don’t get me wrong I have a huge respect for my journalist friends on the nationals and T.V. but it’s all staged and set to a plan to gain more readers.

I agree, the consumer does need to be ‘protected and informed’ which the press does so well, but if a factory closes a long time ago as in the Somerdale factory case, yes it was tragic and a disaster. I knew many of the workers too. But does that closure years ago, mean that a company never does anything good from then on. Surely only a common fool thinks like that. The more we think like that the less we evolve as a race.

I was a bad kid at times in my past but we all change, we all have opportunities to move on, grow and learn. Businesses too, the wise can see that, but the lesser tend to rest in the past and go forward moaning about what has happened. Instead of looking to be positive about what can happen.

I feel the press haven’t been able stop painting a negative picture that their readers will tune into; and not just food. So come on guys let’s be positive! It’s a fact that we sell more papers when we scare people. Every thing from adverse weather to taxes and to chocolate running out – the press are truly brilliant at the negative game, it’s an easier way to write and gets a reaction with the doom seekers online.

They are selling papers and subscriptions and the more scandalous the better. So what’s the point is painting a positive picture about chocolate or a company in the arena? Well there isn’t one, because it won’t gain so many readers and get such an outcry. So they are just doing their jobs having been brainwashed to make people worry about things we don’t need to think about. If we haven’t got something to worry about. Blimey, I know some people that worry about not having anything to worry about! It’s got to stop.

Well whether I like it or not I am in an industry that produces confectionery. It’s a shame we don’t have a machine that registers emotional pleasure out of food consumption. You know let’s just say that this giant machine registered the effect of all the pleasure that chocolate and confectionery industry gave us and how that shaped our lives over 100 years. Find me a chocolatier that doesn’t like to see the pleasure of people eating their products. Perhaps it’s just too pleasurable and we need to be negative! Steady on chaps we are feeling a bit too happy here, come on; steady; go back to your dark boxes and only speak when you have another ‘outcry’ !

Well I think the moral of whole story and this, and this is coming from a hardened cynic and I will say a successful writer too. If you really like something, well don’t read about it!

Last week I picked up a free newspaper at the gym to see what I might be missing; I counted the articles in the paper to discover that 65% were doom and gloom. We have 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% we think again the next. Creativity stops where fear begins. Who wants us to be scared and worried so much and to hate things? I’m out to get them! How good can it be for our minds to only tune into tragedy mishap and disaster every day. STOP! It’s only a question of time the human race is due to wake up and place these articles as ‘the most curious museum items’ of how hard it really was in 2016 to be a positive person about anything. Especially the things we enjoy most. Our confections!

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