Be a success – no skill required ?

Well tonight I am off to the hospital to see my friendly Indian consultant who operated on my knee this spring as every time I go for a walk now, even a small one, the back of my knee swells up to the size of a golf ball! You know, when they say before the operations. ‘Hey you will be running in 6 weeks and it’s like three months later and you are having a problem just putting your bins out at the end of your drive! And no, sadly I don’t have a 2 mile drive. (Ha! not yet!). Because when I look at it, success is not really about skill. It’s about how we get up and if we get up, after we are knocked over and ignoring any type of pain what so ever.

Anyway so that’s a negative to a positive situation (situation), if there ever was one to make. I mean, I can’t do sport again, can’t swim, walk, even sleep without pain, so I am digging into my resolve; which seems to keep coming. (*thank you God!). The last time I went to the gym I walked in and walked out again. It wasn’t easy; it hit hard. I was better off before the knee operation. There you go, so what did you do in 2016 Angus? ‘Yeah mate, just went in to the make-yourself-a-cripple dept. Did a good job too!’

I did have a moment when I returned back from a small walk with the kids last weekend and had to stop and just thought, this is bad! But now I have got a first flying lesson at Rochester Airport from my wife as a birthday present last week. I got the pants too by the way! New underpants and flying could be a good combination! But in a couple of weeks I will see if I am the stock that can learn to fly; if I like it and don’t feel sick and so on. But I always wanted to fly. So well I can’t walk so Angus – fly! Who needs knees anymore, let’s just take to the sky. And also canoeing seems a good bet so I will be in touch with my local club shortly.

But it’s been a good week for the plans that are being planned while I fail with mine! I shall be interviewing Bob Geldof (Sir) next week in Switzerland. One to one, care of Chocovision, that’s a good call, well that’s perfect and also my T.V. project that I am working on forever, seems to have a small flame from what I thought was a dead damp wick.

But I am so used to failure, I bet if I had my dream, the T.V. contract, I would go home quietly and not say anything to my wife as I wouldn’t believe it. Failure so many times makes you never get so excited over anything. But that would be nice, it would put a smile on the old cripple’s face! A smile that I never thought I would produce that would without doubt snake it’s way across my lips and travel to the end of the universe and back to say. ‘Thank you Angus’ life for bringing home the dream to reality where it belongs’.

It’s a short Friday Light and if you can walk without pain, just remember how that feels. You only will ever want the things that you have experienced not having, which is why these things happen, like death for example. I’m off to see my consultant, seems like loads of fluid coming out of the knee with nowhere to go, I sure he will find a way!

Never a dull moment, the next time I write I would have interviewed Sir Bob Geldof, the next time I write, my knee may be cured! The next time I write, the good news could be and should be yours.

The great things are always only a few steps away! Success doesn’t need any innate skill really, success is really nothing more than being a person that doesn’t give up and sees pain as part of the process to feel pleasure.

52 years and still hacking away at the dream. I have promised myself it will happen. So here’s to it all coming good in the end, because deep down we all know it will.

Yours painlessly

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